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  • Wow!! You're fast! I'll add your name in the brackets of the German language selection. Great work ;)
  • I have done 75% of that work. Should finish it tomorrow.
  • Just want to say that the German version of the WinOpinions will be avaible tommorow :cool:

    @Ian: Thanks and can you make link to my hp to? plz...
  • I've finished translating News.
  • sCrAtChY wrote:
    @Ian: Thanks and can you make link to my hp to? plz...

    Don't worry, I've already done that.

    As an incentive for people, your name and website link is currently being displayed next to the language selection of the index page of WinWorld version 5.

    At the moment, this is what is being displayed:


    It will be up to you to provide the translations.

    Slash, how will you pass on your work?
  • I've already translated News and Scripts, Fish's WinOpinions about NT4 and XP and, now I'm working on Q's opinion about WinME. It's so damn large and difficult...!
  • I think now my work passes not too fast, but by Augist, 26 I hope I'll translate all WinOpinions.
  • Yeah, Q's opinion about Windows ME is sooo large and difficult... sometimes I even had to use a dictionary... :)
  • HeH! I wasn't aware that I had made it so hard! I didn't have translation in mind when I wrote it.

    Sorry Slash

  • I think I'll finish this soom. Until September 1st I have to finish, cuz after that day there'll be schooldays... :(
  • Hi, i'd like to help translating in italian, from where shall i start? thanks
  • Get all the files listed in other parts of this thread and translate the contents, then post back with links to the translated files.

  • Hi guys, i finished translating the files you posted here in Italian, what to do next?
  • Maybe in a few years I could translate to latin. But who'd want that? Latin teacher, students, and priests?

    Besides, I don't think there'd be a latin word for right click or things like that.
  • Next when Ian posts some new files to be translated, you translate them and he incorporates them into WW5. I uploaded your It translation to Fishs server so Ian can get it when he needs it.

    As to Latin, you'll have to do what everyother language did, invent some words, reuse others, etc!


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