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We are currently doing some final rounds of bug testing on the next generation version of WinWorld. Should this test successful we will be looking to roll out a new codebase within the next few hours.

This code base consists of numerous changes.

Bugs fixed:
- Session ID collision bug fixed (SQL error noted with white page, unable to proceed without clearing cookies).
- Occasional duplicate login requirement (fresh session related) bug fixed
- Linking up downloads from contributions can cause a NULL link bug fixed
- New rejection tool in contribution handling
- Download referral from site verification (aka you can not download items without requesting from the site).
- Automatic pushing of new contributions to mirrors.
- Various style changes


  • Cool stuff. I thought you were going to ask for some beta testing before rolling it out live. Yea, yea, "it compiles, so ship it!" :)

    Da fuq is this:
    It's on every page for me, but then again I should probably just give up on my more-than-five-minutes old custom browser.
  • That is the Majestic Unicorn. It is fucking magical.
  • Wow! The new version of Winworld looks very nice and modern if I might add. Good work stitch.
  • I agree, the changes look good.

    What's also magical is how XP market share has gone up a couple of percent (17 to 19%) since the last update. I'm seeing 14.6% when I check the link for May period, which would mean it's just below Win 8 & 8.1 combined.
  • I will review that whenever I get a chance.

    I do plan to make another incremental update in the near future. It should not be as delayed out as the last time but there's some things I have intentionally disabled and other things that need to be addressed.
  • I just got a taste of the homepage so far and I see you got the latest threads fixed.
  • Hmm, the login page is 404?

    Also, I noticed the Release system requirements jumps to 100% width at about 1000 pixels or less. I'd suggest reducing that just a hair. 800 should be good.
  • Refresh *everything* make sure you got the new URL? It's /sso
  • Going directly to that URL got me logged in, but the menu item points to /login, which does not exist.

    BTW, looking around, it seems the add screenshot button in the Release editing screen is disabled.
  • It shouldn't :/

    Yes serials and screenshot are two of those mentioned things
  • The nav bar has TWO login buttons that display at different times. One that displays right justified if you happen to be running in a very large window or with smaller fonts and another that appears left justified with the rest when the window is smaller or the font is larger. One has the wrong URL.

    Also, the navigation bar icon (when the nav bar is hidden) no longer works when the window is further shrunk or the text is zoomed.
  • May I ask if anything happened to the FTP server?

    Late Saturday morning (local time) I was in the process of adding a few titles to WinWorld. I noticed half way through adding one, that after receiving login details I wasn't able to connect. Reading this thread a little while afterwards regarding code changes I thought fair enough, but hasn't been working for me since. I tried creating a new contribution for the same title, for the sake of receiving fresh login details though wasn't successful tonight given that the rollout would be complete by now.
  • I'm seeing the same FTP issue. Attempting to connect for a new FTP upload:
    Command:	USER ww_4100086831
    Response:	331 Password required for ww_4100086831
    Command:	PASS ***************
    Response:	530 Login incorrect.
    Error:	Unable to connect!

    It's not a simple system. Sometimes things fall down and go boom.
  • Another bug: While trying to process an existing upload, the new "Link Selected" does nothing.
  • Not bad, not bad :) I like how it integrates with the forums.

    However, (I don't know if you are already aware of this), there is a thread displayed in the WinBoards Threads box that leads to a white screen: viewtopic.php?t=7572

    The thread is made by a user on probation, but whether it's a deliberately hidden or a not-yet-approved thread, it shouldn't appear in that list until it's approved, IMO.

    Also, the search form in the library doesn't appear to work.

    All else seems to be working fine for me.
  • SomeGuy which contribution are you attempting to process that's not linking up correctly?
  • I'm trying to process the entry "Commodore Colt Boot Disk (MS-DOS 3.21) Commodore Colt Boot Disk (MS-DOS 3.21)" (its on page 2 of the contributions currently) The processed upload file is sitting in ww_2309910667 under the name "Microsoft DOS 3.21 [Commodore OEM] (5.25).7z".

    I assume all I should have to to is check the box by it and click "link download?" I don't see any "create download" step any more.
  • You assume correctly. I have corrected a URL decoding bug that prevented that from linking correctly.
  • FTP accounts for new contributions are also working again.
  • I've encountered three issues with this site update. Two on the PC, one on the phone side of things.

    1. If i log in to the boards, and then go to the homepage, at the top-right it will say "login". If i try to log in again on the homepage i get this error.

    2. On the phone, the hamburger icon on the top right that would show a dropdown menu no longer works. I have to go directly to the winboards URL in order to access the boards from my phone.

    3. Not a big issue, however for some reason i am unable to choose an avatar from my computer, the only option i have is from a URL. See here.
  • Another bug: The Edit Download form does not save my changes. When I click "Save Changes" it just redirects to the library page, and nothing is saved.
  • Which download are you seeing this on?
  • It appears to be any download. (Let me guess, it works fine for you?)
  • BTW, Stitch, did you hide the NEW and Rejected entries in the Contributiuons list? While that may seem like clutter, occasionally I find it useful to see those.
  • Skora wrote:
    3. Not a big issue, however for some reason i am unable to choose an avatar from my computer, the only option i have is from a URL. See here.

    Avatar uploading is supposedly enabled (and BTW preferable). But I noticed that PHPBB is complaining "Warning The entered path “images/avatars/upload” is not writable."
  • If it gives any clues why the Edit Download form doesn't work, I noticed that when I click the save changes button on this particular Edit Download page (QuickBooks 5.0 for Windows), it gives me a "400 Bad Request" error: ... 6000dd9ed6
  • If you take a look at the HTML source of the /sa/ page in question you will see that the form is set to POST to a link with a binary UUID in it instead of a hexadecimal representation of this. I'll patch this soon.
  • Just found that on the site homepage it says "No registration is required to post, so why not drop in and say hi?"
    However, registration is still required to post. Can you change:
    "For news, support and discussion visit WinBoards. No registration is required to post, so why not drop in and say hi?"
    to just
    "For news, support and discussion visit WinBoards."
  • I also just noticed that the "Contents" field (File Archive/CD/5.25"/3.5") on any release's download lists are not displaying anything.

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