CNR Slots

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Just wanna know... anyone have any of these slots on their mainboard?


  • I got an CNR on the AMD Athlon XP1800 downstairs, but I never use it, because it has PCI network, sound and modem cards.
  • I got a CNR slot in the Duron.

    I got an AMR Voice/data/fax 56K modem in the AMD K6-II/500, but that AMR

    Can you put an AMR card in a CNR slot? Kind like ISA in a EISA slot eh?
  • I have CNR slot on my mboard, Chaintech CT60IA3T. But I never used it :)
  • CNR and AMR are strange, they have like, odd pinouts or something...

  • Whats the POINT of CNR/AMR.

    DUDE, just use PCI.

    Its like EISA, juse use PCI
    Same with MCA, just use ISA
  • CNR is ALOT like AMR... Ive got a CNR... its for things that run 100% on your CPU... in other words, if its a network card, it does NOT use its own chips to deal with data, it wastes CPU on it.
  • I know, thats why its worthless
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