Games for very old computers!

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I need some games that will run on 286. All mine don't run and I want to help my friend who uses his 286 just for editing texts.
Where to get some old games>?


  • Well, I know a place where I can get 'Treasure Mountain' and 'Operation Neptune' and 'Midnight Rescue!', renember those Fish?

  • I have like 500 Dos Games...
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    Hey guys, Jeremy here (aka Ieremiou you may see my name somewhere on the Internet hardly anybody ever has used this Nickname :p)

    How about playing very old DOS Games in Windows XP? XD

    haha.. think it can't be done? DOSBox is your answer XD.

    Check out for Official news
    Check for the latest CVS Version Check for D-Fend a sweet frontend for DOSBox.

    :).. ok but anyways

    I have the Originals (Box, inserts and packaging) of Operation Neptune, and Ancient Empries. Played them on an old 386 ..SX/DX? I'm not sure if it was both or only one.. But it was 33mHz with a turbo (2x) speed button which could be LOCKED. Haha.. and it had 4 Mbs of RAM of which 1 Mb was used from video... :)

    Man, I'm only 21 lol. I never used a 286, 486, 586 (Pentium), Pentium 3.

    My family moved from a 386 with Windows 3.1 (which I did dearly love) and hardly ever had troubles with.. Honest... and it's still kicking after all these years with only 210 mbs of HD space and only 1 Bad Sector. Soundblaster Pro Card still kicking in it. Diamond Graphics Driver (no idea what card it used for sure)

    To a Pentium 2 with 266 mHz w/ MMX and 64 MBs of RAM running Windows 95B with an addon to make it 2.1 (USB support addon came on the CD). And I had the Enhancement IE CDs for a while that you could use to turn 95B into a lookalike 98 because it intergrated the Active Desktop and Quicklaunch taskbar. :) I love the Quicklaunch Taskbar. I could never dream having without using that. With 6.4 Gbs of HD Space (which had a critical faliure literally the internals of the drive MELTed??? some liquid oozed out and solidified on the electronic board) so we had to get a 20 gb HD to replace it and we had a S3 Virge GX/VX? card. Ensoniq Soundscape Wavetable card.. (nice actually)

    Then I got myself a Pentium 4 with 2.4 gHz w/ SSE2, 256 Mbs of Ram running Windows XP (added Service Pack to SP1 and soon will to SP2 "when" it comes out), a GeForce 4 Ti 4200 w/ AGP 4x 128mbs onboard memory, Soundblaster Audigy 1 card.
    80 Gbs of HD space.

    And all of these computers came from Gateway and are still running with their original software although some.. like Win95 had to be redone and albeit WinXP (I hated the single partition) to make them work efficiently again.

    Not all with original parts the CD Drive in the 386 was replaced from a 1X to a 4X if I remember. We still have a B Floppy Drive in the 386 as well. :)

    There's more but everything still works on all the computers I've ever used.

    Quite a leap no?

    BTW: To stay on topic.. Go to ... they have a slew of old DOS Games that may be available to download. :) I like them although I hate the IIDA if that's the right Acronym bah. I think any software that stops being supported has a right to be free. You know... I think software has feelings and hates being locked away... :p
  • Yea! TLC games were great! And lets not forget Kroz! I have almost all of them! Skyroads (The BEST ever) and Snipes too. Apogee games and of course ANSiDude!

  • Ah man, Apogee.. Early Apogee that is when they had the ID Soft alias.
    ROCKed the House... :P

    NOTE: All of the Super Solver Series ala Operation Neptune, Ancient Empries, Treasure Mountain are on I knew they were :D...

    I'm downloading Operation Neptune not because I don't have it but because I don't feel like fiddling with my old A Disks :p...
  • I played Alley Cat by IBM a lot. It was so simple.. And it was about 40k, but it was fun to play!
  • Oh, I have found lots of stuff, like Tetris, Digger, F-17, Ninja...
    All these great things together are less than 1Mb! Lots of fun stuff just in 780K! Fantastic!
  • Want me to send you some old games Slash? They are small files.
  • Don't forget Cityrunner!

  • Roger, if you have sth not larger than 300K, send please.
  • I have alot of games under 300k.. Sure I'll send them to you.
  • Maze Mission!

  • I think I have some Maze games too... So I guess I have Maza Mission also!
  • I like Digger. Old good Digger 4ever!
  • Q!!!!! Treasure Mountain!!!! It has plagued my youth and I can never find it!!!! Please give me a way to download it. There is another game also. The same character, in a TV station, zapping TV's and trying to free the station from the bad guy's control.
  • YEA! Outnumbered! and that Morty dude!

  • do I get them...
  • oh wait...someone is giving them to me now
  • And I have this Mario Bros. game clone... its Aldo or something like that.
  • Anyone heard of ZZT? I got that, its pretty crap, but you can make your own games on it!
  • Does anyone know the game "Prehistorik 2"?

    That's what I usually play on my 386!
  • ZZT!




    PS. Their site down, WAHHH
  • Yeh cool isn't it!!!! w00t go ZZT!!!!!
    even in te days when it came out the graphics were crap, but hay, i'd buy it! :D

    P.S there site is always down... bah..
  • Their site has been up for me.
  • Still down
  • Still working for me...
  • Maby I should try it again
  • Yea, try it.
  • I think I have ZZT somewhere on my hard disk.
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