Software Spotlight: Multimedia Cats!

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Multimedia Cats from Inroads Interactive, is multimedia database about all kinds of cats from all around the world. In the event of an Internet apocalypse, all you will need is this CD and a CD of cartoon farting clips.


Released in 1995, Multimedia Cats is a reference database compilation of this topic placed on CD-ROM for both the Macintosh and Windows 3.1. No Internet connection is needed, there are no annoying advertisements, and no tracking malware. Clearly the MBAs had not yet learned how to monetize their product.

Such multimedia CDs, packed full of low-resolution videos and sound clips, were popular in the early 1990s... because Multimedia.


Multimedia Cats details about 50 domestic and wild cats. Each gets a color photo, a brief video and several descriptive paragraphs. They're not sophisticated studies, but great for kids who love pets.

Because Multimedia.


It also includes a few fun interactive "games" that make use of the database information.

Because Multimedia! :P

Minimum Mac requirements: 256-color video, 68040 CPU, 4mb free RAM, QuickTime 2.0, CD ROM drive, System 7 or higher.

Minimum Windows requirements: Windows 3.1 or later, 386 CPU, 256 color video, 4MB RAM, CD-ROM, QuickTime 2.0 for Windows, Sound card and mouse.

And if you can't get enough of a Multimedia fix with Multimedia Cats, Inroads Interactive also produced such exciting titles as:

Multimedia Dogs: ... B001SAYB1K

Multimedia Exotic Pets: ... 422932.htm

Multimedia Horses: ... 0613277822

And when you get tired of all the animals you can trade it all in for...

Multimedia Guns: ... 7675.l2557



  • Did you only post that because I mentioned it in another thread here? :P Well, thanks for providing us with this little gem anyway. I hope someone else enjoys the moggies as much as me, haha :D

    Although there is one problem I am having with it though... the movie clips it has are always shown as a white square even though I can still hear the sound of it and that's for the Mac version. Don't know how that can be fixed, even though QuickTime is up and running fine there.
  • I tend to research and assimilate titles as they come up (in discussion, on eBay, reading old magazines, etc). And I happened to think it was funny. So sort of, yea.

    Off the top of my head, you might try changing the video color depth. It could be hard-coded to assume 256 colors, or falling down on some specific video combination. If this is on an emulator, the emulator might be lacking some seldom used special video acceleration feature.
  • Yes... it is being run under SheepShaver as I said in my other thread.
  • Remember in the time when internet is expensive thing, get some learning CDs and interactive parody (like star warped and winblows) was cool thing I did in the past. I though early multimedia corporate like Macromedia's success (who made Director that produced most Win/Mac interactive CD, AFAIK include this one) because they had future vision about MULTIMEDIA... :D

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