[OFFER] Norton Utilities 6.0 for Macintosh

Currently uploading a copy of this after obtaining an original CD of it.

It's designed for PowerPCs that were running MacOS 8.1 through to 9.2.2. It was released at the time OS X was in beta.

Not sure how many classic Mac users are among us, but fills a gap.


  • Thanks. I'll try to get these posted if I can.

    Honestly, I'm a little pissed off with the current mirror situation. The "new" mirror 2 only has 500GB of storage, and it is already almost full. My Windows 95 box right here has a 500GB hard drive - not making that up. And I still don't know why Mirror 3 is down or when it will be back.
  • I guess you've been in contact with Stitch and Duff?

    500GB seems a little low admittedly for software archiving, and will be more problematic with additional CD releases. I realise this costs money and to be honest wasn't sure if these were hosted in someone's bedroom or using an online service. Makes me wonder about the FTP server used for uploads.

    I comfortably have the space at home, though never have set up a mirror. My monthly usage allowance of 400GB might get chewed up depending on download activity here.

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