[OFFER] Borland C++ 5.02 CD

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Hi, I want to share my Development tools that I used. It's Borland C++ 5.02 from Borland bundled with C++ Builder 4. Buy in used condition. What different from 97's original release is some readme and license txt are bit altered, for example, license agreement mention "Inprise" instead "Borland", and some old borland contact info are ommited, rest of all is unchanged, comparing by pirated copies that floating on internet.

Uncompressed iso will be 600MB+ (7z ultra give compression into 224MB). Also contains first release C++ Builder and IntraBuilder Trials. If anyone needed or interested this one I'll upload it, as in our library only available up to version 4.52.

Here is BC5 in my 64-Bit laptop.


By renaming bivbx31n.exe in system dir to anything else, run and intialize Dialog editor in Win95 compability mode then close, and unset compability setting, you can resolve RWDESIGN.DLL error when accessing dialog editor in any 64-bit machines :)

Bonus: I have BCB 1.0 copy too...


  • Yes, please do upload that. That would certainly make a good addition.
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