Durable Monitors

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Earlier today, I happened to be carrying a monitor to my IBM PS/2 computer. I dropped it when I fumbled over a cable :mad: , and it fell about 3 feet. When I plugged it back in, it still had full clarity and color. It was made in 1989, it's a 14" Sanyo Fixed Frequency VGA. :)




  • Same here. I got an IBM PS\2 Monitor from ~1987 from a Model 30/286 I think. 14" with some black space around it making it ~11" viewable.

    The shitty thing couldnt go past 640x480 and sucked. I later retired it today after gfinding a spare monitor.
  • HeH, it just so happens my IBM is a Model 30/286.
    I'm running short on monitors lying around, I'm trying to get a monitor for every PC I have, right now in my room I have 3 computers set up and working, with a 4th soon being added.`

  • Well, model 30 was a guess...It could be anything

    Here is a model 50

    And here is a model 30
  • What the [CS] is the 30 running?

    I've got a color 25.

  • Its a DOS paint program.

    lemme get a closeup
  • wierd MGA color. 2 colors@640x480, 256colors@300x200

  • That is NICE.

  • lol, did that come with the computer? Because i've always been interested in those dos painty applications.
  • Did you do that yourself, or did it come with that image?

  • You're lucky the monitor tube didn't implode. Unless its been unpluged for 24 hours then it would of explode. When you droped it and it didn't break doesn't mean it will never break.
    My 30/286 PS\2 monitor imploded on me when I had it on the top self in my garage and the cord was weged in a box and when I moves the box it pulled the monitor with it. Even pulled the PC that was connected to it.
  • I should mention I'm interested in getting some DOS apps/games/toys, that'll run on a 286/1 MB RAM/40 MB HD.

  • That is hard to find. Try the-underdogs for games. I think they have some apps too.
  • Q wrote:
    Did you do that yourself, or did it come with that image?


    Those areny my computers nor my image.

    ERr... William Walsh, Walsh Comp. Tech, walshcomptech.com. probly the 2nd biggest PS\2 fan besides this other guy name Alfred Arnold.
  • wierd MGA color. 2 colors@640x480, 256colors@300x200


    And that's DOS? WOW!
  • I have MDA Hercules monitor. Unbelivably it works! It was produced in 1986!
  • I have like a 500mb Maxtor HDD which dropped from my desk onto a concrete floor. It survived and my crapaq is still running OS/2 off it.
    And i have a 850mb Seagate somewhere, which after I threw it out of a window, turned out to be working again, with no bad clusters!
  • Me and Q kept trying to shatter a monitor by throwing it into a dumpster, pulling it out then throwing it in again. ABout 5 tries later we got bored.
  • When did we do THAT?

  • LOL. I was at Tony's ("No Nothing", past user) house, and he had a 1996-ish CRT in has basement on a file cabinent. We were getting parts from a PC down there, and the thing rolled off the filing cabinent. It was only a 2 drawer cabinent, but the compressed air inside popped. It was a little boom, then the sound of air escaping.
  • the reason it didn't smash is cos they're about 5 inches of solid glass.
    same as tvs. they're hard to break aswell
  • Hmm... apparently this one must have fallen just right. The glass didn't break, just the air inside the tube.
  • thats easy to do its breaking the screen bit that you see
  • Oh. I thought you meant the physical glass surface breaking.
  • One fine day we crashed old TV with the help of some stones!
  • LOL. We occasionaly drag old monitors around by their tails (VGA cable) on the way out to my Dad's truck to go to recycling center.
  • i think they look funny wen u put ur speakers to close to the tube and the colours change.
    fortunatly that doesn't happen on my laptop bein tft an' all....
  • DUH! Your not saposed to put magnets or speakers that arent megnetically shielded near monitors or hard disks!

    Laptops use LCD (liquid crystal display) which is basically liquid
  • my crt has a degaus button its supposed to get rid of magnestism. hard disk magnest are fun to play with.
    they're really srtong
  • Q wrote:
    When did we do THAT?


    Out the dumpster... I THINK it was the one near the field.... But there were like 3 or 4 around there so I cant REALLY remember, but Im pretty sure that was it.
  • BOD wrote:
    my crt has a degaus button its supposed to get rid of magnestism. hard disk magnest are fun to play with.
    they're really srtong

    take 2, put your ear in between the 2.

    But the degauss button doesnt fix everything. I had one monitor thats been sitting on a speaker (no, REAL speakers built into a large wodden box) for awhile and I couldnt degauss it out. It works fine, but while letting has like a rainbow shadow or something :? . I could try to fix it.
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