How the lingo of hardware has changed.



  • At Ease is a shell that really gay

    Terminal is completly different. Thats like being an expert in Linux w/X-Windows and then having to go to the console
  • Ooohhh.. So that'd be your standard 802.3 setup? 10-4

    CAT5 is the std. I use all Cat5e and Cat6
    I know. I just wanted to use IEEE numbers.
    I got some Cat5. But I usually get my cables off Cat5cableguy which only does Cat5 and Cat6

    You get cables from where?
  • or, he has an ebay store too
  • Oh, OK. Hope he has good prices!
  • very cheap.
  • His prices look <b>GREAT</b>. Is his ebay store cheaper than his yahoo store?
  • probly the same
  • Hmph.... I may be buying soon. I need a good switch first. I want to run Ethernet to the lving room, eliminating the wireless.

    EDIT: Well, I'd still have it for my laptop.
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