How the lingo of hardware has changed.

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Back in the day computer parts were slower and used diffrent lingo. For a example.

Motherboard (Still used but some people call them Logicboards or Mainboards)

Daughterboard (Use to stand for Add-In cards like Sound card and video card. Now we just call them as is.)

RAM (Now a days we call it Memory)

HardDisk (What people called the 720KB and 1.44MB Floppys. Mac users use the HardDisk
name for HardDrives.)

Disc (Used instead of DISK)

CD-ROM ( Now known just as a CD)

I think the reason why the hardware lingo has changed because of computer companys bumming down the names so frist timers can understand.


  • Fixed Disk - Now Hard Disk/Drive, (FDISK)
    Diskette - CORRECT term for 3.5"
    Floppy Disk - 5.25"
  • Hmmm I never heard of the term Daughterboard until now.
  • Ethernet card is now Network card.
  • in Russia monitor is called "The Fucking Eye"
    Although in English it sounds not great ;)
  • Ethernet card is now Network card.

    Yeah, even though there are different kinds of networking..... Ethernet happens to be the most popular and PLUS, stuff like BNC/Coaxial or Tolken Ring are now obsolete and used before 486's
  • LOL I'm looking at The Fucking Eye right now!
  • LOL, my fucken eye is large and glass!
  • I still use most of those terms. Only I often call a Network Card a NIC, or "Netwerkkaart", which is the dutch term for network card.
  • 'NIC' is the most annoying term ever.

  • Do you pronouce it as:


    LoL, I usually call them that when I'm trying to sound more technical.

  • I hate when people say NIC Card, RAM Memory, VGA adaptor, even AGP Port (Accelerated Graphics Port port)
  • LOL NIC Card... Network Interface Card Card.
  • I call AGP: AGP or AGP BUS Slot.
  • I just call it an AGP slot
  • Yeah me too.
  • I use many different terms.

    RAM, Memory, Random Access Memory if I want to scare people.

    Oh and when talking with another nerd about networking (usuallly Tony) I refer to Ethernet lines as 802.3 lines or 802.3 system. It's great when others are around. Then you can be like, "Well, you can use 802.11 as a mobile solution for 802 needs". Then you can say that for most data serving needs to use 802.3ab (Gigabit Networking). To further complicate things, you can ramble about 802.3ae, 10 Gb/s Ethernet.
    Then of course, you have IEEE 1294 and 1394, lol.
    Referring to things by their IEEE Specification number really scares people!
  • Ahh The IEEE.

    Don't forget EIA/TIA!

  • Haha.. the place that likes to name things with numbers!
  • 568!

  • What's 568 for?
  • CAT5 cablepairs (Straight though/xover)

  • Ooohhh.. So that'd be your standard 802.3 setup? 10-4
  • EIA/TIA 586A is one and B is the other. A to A or B to B is straight though. A to B or the other way is xover.

  • Hahaha.... it's tough to be so involved in 802: Metropolitan and Localarea networks!
  • Ooohhh.. So that'd be your standard 802.3 setup? 10-4

    CAT5 is the std. I use all Cat5e and Cat6
  • I use what I get! It's all 5 or 5e.

  • I got some Cat5. But I usually get my cables off Cat5cableguy which only does Cat5 and Cat6
  • A friend of mine's family use to be hardcore Apple users. They didn't know shit about the hardware but they knew how to use MacOS like a pro (isn't hard to do lol) They finaly got sick of spending like $3,000 for a Apple so they switched to PC. They got a IBM (Thinking all PCs are IBM so they bought one) It cost them about $1,000 bucks. Not bad for the system because this was when the 1GHz breakthough happen and their IBM was 1.2GHz. Anyway, The damn thing fucked up because they didn't know what they were doing. Tech support confused them so his mom asked me to fix it. I repartitioned and formated and reinstalled Windows98. Didn't boot then realized that I had to use the stupid restore CD. Reinstalled everything with the Restore CD. I had to go back and tweak the damn thing because the CD missed a few things. When I was tweaking it his mom was sitting next to me and I was talking out loud on what I was fixing and when I got done I looked over and she looked confused ass hell. She asked me to show her and her husban on how to use Windows98 and it was like teaching a bunch of kinderguardners. I had to turn around and basicly translate some of the stuff into Mac lingo just so they could understand.
  • LOL, MacOS is simple.
  • You think MacOS is simple, just try:

    A) Terminal


    B) At Ease

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