Why do laptop hard drives rattle?

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each of the three laptop hdds i have rattle. is this normal?


  • No. I have laptops and the drives NEVER rattle...
  • i own 2 laptops and the hard rives never rattle except for a few mins when we hit a bump on I-95 when we were goin to Hilton Head Is. SC

    gotta pay attention to those <BUMP> signs
  • Yeah, mine never did that......

    Maby its your Cd-ROM drive? Sometimes they vibrate. But Im SURE that they prevent that in laptops.

    I never seen a CD-ROM vibrate even when I put my hand on top of my 48X. But I have some that have a vibration warning on it.
  • My Laptop hard drives don't rattle either.
  • Hilton Head! That place with the faked up lighthouse in the harbor!

  • Shouldn't be rattling. The CD in my older laptop sometimes makes odd clicking sounds.
  • it can't be the cd .... as there is none.
    i mean when you pick up the hdd wen its not in the machine.
  • Oh. Maybe something is loose inside of it. Sure isn't normal, though.
  • i took the hdd out of my laptop it rattles onits own...
  • I have no idea. How old of a laptop is it?
  • it's a IBM Thinkpad 240
    ive had it four about 6 months but i think it was made in 2000
  • Nice. What processor and size HDD?
  • just checked the bottom 1999.
  • 400mhz celeron
    12gb hdd
    128 mb ram
  • Hmmm... not bad. I don't know why it rattles. It still works OK?

    Something must be loose in there.
  • yeah it works.
    just get annoying whenenver you move it
  • Hmmm... no idea. I'd make a backup of anything important on there, just in case.
  • yeah it takes so long to backup 5GB of data on a 10mB lan connection tho i should invest in new network card....
  • Yeah, I just backed up 6GB of MP3's off my network, but that was 100Mb
  • You could use a backup program. That would compress it and make it go quicker.
  • yeah, but who has the time to search on IRC and shit
  • :-)

    Some people do. It might save time and frustration in the long run.
  • I do when its something important.
  • i just winzip it and send it to my main pc so i can cdrw it
  • Theres a easy way then that. Instead of moveing the files to the PC that has the CD-RW you could just select the files you want to burn over the network. So for a example say the PC I want to backup files from I just tell my CD creating program to use files from \\mytoy\c$ or \\mytoy\backup (thats if I have a shared folder that has my files.) This way it saves you time, but set your CD-RW to use 24X or lower.
  • hmm.. i have a IBM thinkpad and something rattles in side and i might know when it is.. hmm let me have a look...
  • Just lift up the keyboard with a knife and have a look see..
  • the hard drive unscrews from the bottom, i took it out and it rattles i'll turn it off and the the techinacal shit on the drive....
  • I was talking about Mr. Beanbag.

    IBMM Thinkpads, you just unsnap the keyboard by prying it open with a knife or something then you can see whats rattleing
  • My guess is that hdd will fail sometime soon.
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