Can you guys add a Longhorn 4039 VM for VMware Workstation?

I would like a Longhorn 4039 VM available for download. I need a vm that is compatible with VMware Workstation 7.X. I have tried to install 4039 on VMware 7.1, but it would hang on the boot screen. So I tried replacing the install.wim with the install.wim from build 4033 using WinISO, but then I get an error saying that the iso is corrupt.



  • Try the ISO on VirtualBox. If it works, then there's a problem with VMWare. If not, then the ISO is really corrupt and a redump will be required.

    I would try it myself and tell you, but don't have the time to do so.


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  • Your custom iso idea isn't too far off, look for a small download called Longhorn Packet, its a custom iso, open it in an iso editing program and add the contents of the 4039 iso to the UNBOOT folder. I was able to boot and install this way into a VM I set to 6.5-7x mode.
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