Have 2 programs I am willing to offer



  • FP is the ughli30rz.

  • Im too lazy to write my own HTML
  • @LEAST open in Notepad and strip the metadata out.

  • -_-

    Plus it has wordart. Im too lazy to make my own GIF's
  • Q wrote:
    @LEAST open in Notepad and strip the metadata out.


    when i use fp i usually do that.
  • Yeah, but who cares
  • My dad has the Office 97 pro that I can image and upload if anyone wants it.
  • I got mine of P2P

    The copy I had before said I didnt have enough RAM

    If they ship Office XP and XP on 128M RAM, I think I could of gotten Office 97 and XP on 224M ( I think it was 224, maby 384....)
  • L@@K @ an FP generated page (In Notepad) someday, it's horrible!

  • Q wrote:
    L@@K @ an FP generated page (In Notepad) someday, it's horrible!


    Ya i know, too much uneeded krap.
  • I am horribly sorry guys, in the past few days, I have had some severe storms in our area that have delayed the uploads. I can say tho that I will try and rush the upload.
    I am tryin my best. But the hard fact is that I am on dialup and it is very hard to keep an upload going without the computer disconnecting for some dumb reason. I am tryin my best though. Sorry Guys.

  • Argh, don't worry. And I might go back to Office XP or 2000. 2003 is very bloated.
  • well...I suppose, you could try e-mailing the parts to someone, and they can upload it. I know that usually e-mail attachments won't kick a dial-up user off.
  • I have alkready uploaded over 120MB to Fish's server, so I dont think I will start. but remember, when it does come out, it REQUIRES WinUHA!!!! It somehow compresssed better than WinRAR by about 10MB. IDK why tho.
  • 120MB of how much again?
  • I may have said this, but WinWorld is interested in the MS Home thing. The Sega buissiness we aren't.

  • well I'm not interested in the home thing, and I am interested in sonic, so blah!
  • LOL me too
  • I third that emotion!
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