Have 2 programs I am willing to offer



  • If you want compression, you should really try WinRK and SBC Archiver (these are not well know archivers, but they're pretty good).

    See http://www.rojakpot.com/default.aspx?lo ... 1=4&var2=0
  • OK, WinWorld is intereted the the MS one.

  • When will it become available for download?
  • Once we get it, test it, comment it, and upload it to a server and edit the HTML.

  • get them off Fish and shell when they get them. Q's server is slow becuase of all the hammering
  • I'll provide the URL once I receive the file.
  • Um, I don't have anymore ABW, except foi the origional Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade (on floppy disks the ones that flop) and the same type of disk but MS-DOS 2. And Win 98. And I THINK Age of Empires 1 GOLD (with the origional and the roman expansion)
  • Oh..I could use AOE Gold
  • Yeah I want it too.
  • Hrm...well anyone got sonic ready? I am a nice sonic fan... I have some sonic computer game that a friend gave me. But it wouldn't play on NT based systems so I had to play it in my pentium 1 and it kinda lagged.... Not sure what the name of it was.
  • um, when I tried to upload it via FTP, my connection kept bailing out (disconnecting) so none was uploaded. I will split the file so it is easier for my connection.
  • Ok, here is the scoop, I have made an upload of 7 parts: 1 the program to put all of the parts of the UHA file together, and 6 30MB parts of the UHA file. I have made it that way so my internet conection don't disconnect every 10 minutes.
  • OK. I guess I'll still get it from Fish?
  • YEa, but not anytime soon (maybe in a few days) sorry, but my computer won't complete uploads. So I am going to fix that.

    I hope soon I can go over somewhere I can get Hispeed for just an hour or 2
  • Why, instead of uploading, not let someone download the file from you?

    Letting someone download the file from you basically same as uploading the file to someone, except if the process fails halfway, the process can be resumed (while if you upload to someone and it fails halfway, it can't be resumed and you must reupload the file from beginning again).

    Also, if you let someone download the file from you now, and soon (before the download completed) you get hi-speed internet, you can stop the download, switch to hi-speed internet, and then people can resume downloading at much higher speed.
  • I don't think I am going to get that hi-speed, my mom said I might (cuz she works at a library with a 2 T1 lines cuz of the 20 computers) My mom's boss said that I couldn't bring in my laptop (which I could transfer the files to) And I am having trouble setting up a ftp server.

    BTW If anyone wants to help me with the server, I am using BPFTP Server. So if anyone can help me, I have set up VNC, so just PM me if you can!

  • So...anyone get sonic yet?
  • I am doing my best at uploading. My dialup connection keeps disconnecting whenever I upload too long (i dont know why) I plan it to be done by the 12 of July (at the latest) I also gotta get permission to get on the internet from my parents too, so it is kinda hard.

    When it is up, it is up.
  • I also gotta get permission to get on the internet from my parents too, so it is kinda hard.


  • Thats just...sad
  • By the way, all of the programs included in the Home Essentials are already available somewhere else:
    - Internet Explorer: can be downloaded from many archive sites,
    - Works 4.5: available from P2P,
    - Word 97: included with Office 97 (available from WinWorld); standalone version available from P2P,
    - Microsoft Entertainment Pack - The Puzzle Collection: available from many abandonware game sites.

    Do we really need the Home Essentials ?
  • Well duh.

    And who on P2P has W4.5, not many.

    Office97 is still there becuase its like the last modern Office that actually does something.

    Office 97 to Office 2003
    is like.....
    MS-DOS Editor to Word 2003
  • Office 97 was the last version not filled with tons of crap. Although office 2000 wasn't exactly loaded, we all know if you add the letters XP to the end of anything, it's filled with junk. I've got office 2003 pro, it's finally a large graphic change, there isn't the classic photo editor (photoed.exe) which is alright cause I just copied the folder somewhere else when I installed 2k3 and it still works fine.

    Although 2k3's graphics are different...it's loaded with junk, and it seems that with each version they try to integrate them deeper into the system. And the standard always tries to access the internet part....
  • XP and 2003 take ages to load as well. 97's small, simple, works, and isn't resource hungry. office 2000 is fine as well...
  • Nah, work fine for me

    I use Office XP and its just like 400Mb
  • Ya, office 2002 and office 2003 are loaded with tons of krap u dont need. I used office 2000 for the longest time and never got 2002 when i could of pirated it. I got 2k3 on cd from a friend but still used 2k cuz i liked it better. I only use 2k3 now cuz i got the other apps like fp, and visio that goes with it.
  • Right now I got Office 2000 and FP 2003 installed
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