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New to this Forum and Winworld - great, great site! Got directed to it from a few Libretto-dedicated websites, now prominently in my bookmarks.

Quick question, if I may: are the win 95C & wn98SE downloads going to be back online sometime soon? (or have you guys got some genuine 'donkey links?)

Reason for 95C is I've just acquired a Libretto 50CT on DOS + Debian Linux. I'm not too bothered about Linux ( :P ) + laptop was originally sold with/configured for Win95 (P75, 32MB RAM, 810 MB HDD, 1MB video), so I'd like to format & re-install afresh.

Reason for 98SE is I've sworn by it for a long time & the Portege I bought 2nd-hand & I'm currently running is on ME (yep, it is as bad as you guys put it in the Forum!), so I'd like to again format & re-install 98SE afresh.

Actually, (pushing my newbie luck a bit, here ;) ) I'd also be interested in finding out whether the 50CT would run 98SE 'reasonably' on the above spec'. Saves time & hassle of two formats & installs + makes networking the 2 laptops that little bit easier. I do intend to configure the Libretto for Wi-Fi + basic Office 95 stuff...

Thanks in advance.
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  • NO, 98SE would run badly. Go for Windows NT 4 workstation or Windows 95A. 95C is waaay yo bloated. With an 810Mb HArd Disk, you wont want a large OS. I'd use 95A.

    As for the other machine with ME? Whats the specs? You may be able to run Windows 2000 on it at a good speed.
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    Thnx 4 your reply.

    95A it is, then... Boy it's been a long time - I'm gonna feel my age I guess!

    I'm aware of a few people running w2k on the Portege (7020 CT: P2 366, 128 MB RAM, 6GB HDD), but I've never been keen on NT kernel (that's why I used to setup P2P win98SE networks in businesses I've worked at, insteda of traditionnal wNT or w2k clients/server).

    I guess I'm going for comfort with w98SE rather than performance, plus it's going to be a spare m/c anyway, with new laptop on XP Pro. Libretto is more a toy, cheap Wi-Fi solution as yes-indeedy supremely portable (big as a VHS tape! & lighter than the 7020! *cough* nearly fits in my pocket lol ).

    W95A dl'd from Winworld - thanks a bunch! Any source for w98SE?
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  • Nah, go for NT

    i have ran 98se on a cheapo laptop before, some ast with p 75, 16 or 24 mb ram, dont remember, ran great when i had it, but i didnt have a lotta shit loaded on it, tho eventually i gave that laptop to a friend so i dunno how it works with more software.

    and win2k should run on the portege well.
  • I could probably throw that on my server temporarily... Ill have Q send me it. We stopped hosting it on the main page because its not REALLY abadndonware..
  • I would go with 2000 for the 266MHz, but 98SE would work too....
  • I would go with 2000 for the 266MHz, but 98SE would work too....

    2k would work too slow on that
  • No it wouldnt. I got a machine like that eith 256Mb RAM and 6GB and it runs fine
  • NT4 Workstation.
  • Nah, 98SE is better than NT4 on THAT machine
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    366, not 266

    ;) ... Only having a laugh!

    When P3s went beyond 866 then P4 at 1Ghz, 2Ghz, 3Ghz etc, it sort of went geometric. Going back to kit where 50 Mhz difference in CPU speed feels like a twin turbo graft & figuring out which OS to run on it to leave room for Wi-Fi drivers, Browser, AVG & software firewall - now that's sport these days...

    IBMWarpster - what does "THAT" m/c means? (woot)
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  • 366, go for Windows 2000
  • you could try to push for xp on that
    my laptop runs xp only 24MHz faster as well...
  • 'thought about that, but I do video editing with it (the V-chip is rather good at that despite the ltd V-RAM @ 2.5MB, it's geared towards MPEG enc/dec rather than 3D polys & stuff) and am too afraid of the resources hogging of XP, compared to w98SE...

    Someone pls give a pm'd shout re. w98SE when up, if would be kind enough. I'm 512 DSL so hopefully won't take too long on SmartFTP. Will trade ME in for it if required lol lol
  • I'll get it back up on the server...OK, 95/98 is back up.

  • I would go 2000 on the 366MHz

    95A on the older one.

    You COULD go NT4 on the old one, but that will suck like 300Mb up with SP6a and some small apps
  • I say 2000 on the new one. Unsure about the old one, probably NT, 95, or 98 would all be ok. But, go with 95A since it has a small HDD.
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    "I'll get it back up on the server...OK, 95/98 is back up."

    Thanks for that Q, but can't access as conventional dl from Winworld or thu smartFTP - was it put back down? (I am GMT so was asleep when you posted).

    Or am I missing some "insider" knowledge? (I'm assuming IP: PORT: 4655 & anonymous log from the dl page URL).
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  • O!!!

    That's not my machine. Fish is in charge of that.

    Get it from me (Slowly) @ http://wwsvr.bounceme.net/os/xxx.rar

    where xxx is Windows95C, Windows95Orig, or Windows 98SE.

  • Hi Q - sorry for misunderstanding re. m/c.

    Now dl'ing @ 16-19 kbps, looking like 2 to 2 1/2 hours - very grateful & deepest thanks for that.

    Already got 95A from Winworld yesterday, the dl link was up. Will post how both Tosh's are doing when I'm done fiddling.

    Also (re. admin) I've offered to translate site/contents in French (in your News & Announcements folder, Winworld Translation thread). Let me know.
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