To buy or not to buy?

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So I decided I better go with a 486 desktop instead, so that I do not have a mess of cables, external drives, don't have to spend money on a port replicator, on pcmcia cards, etc, etc.

It'll probably be cheaper to buy a desktop than the replicator, cards, and external drives.

I found this on ebay, Before I buy, it feel free to give your opinion. ... 1823638415


  • Viewing the seller's other items, it appears that this is going to be shipped from Latvia. Shipping is going to be expensive for something in that size and weight. Unfortunately your other options on eBay are a few from your neighbours but everyone seems to want $400 - $500 for one. It only got cheaper starting from a Pentium III - I was looking at $100 give or take.

    Have you tried looking through thrift stores? I assume Canada has them. Unfortunately the Australian equivalent steer well away from anything electrical and computer related thanks to regulations.

    I think these days you'll be spending much the same whether you go desktop or buy components for the laptop. However, if something goes wrong with the desktop it will be easier to diagnose, get parts for, etc.
  • I think I'll put a wanted add up, contact thrift stores, pawnshops, maybe out an add in the news papers.

    So I was searching on Kijiji (a canadian classifieds site, popular even with TV ads) and I think I struck gold, this is like 25 minutes away from me! ... nFlag=true
  • Nice, I'd definitely give them a call.
  • So, this is it:

    I contacted a couple people with reasonable prices for their computers, asked if they'd ship.

    If not, im gonna check tech heads out,

    and still if nothing, I guess I'll be stuck with the port replicator, external drives, and pc speaker sound until I find a soundcard, sigh.
  • Found this, in a city near me, I don't have enough spare money to buy it right now, but offered $50 1/4th of the price, if he holds it until next month.

    EDIT: Ooops, forgot the link! ... 1247529871
  • I don't know if swearing is alowed, so if it's not, my bad, but:

    Fuck Yes!

    My mom is helping me with half the cost, and the guy is coming thursday evening!!!!! ... 1247529871
  • Sounds like you will soon be the proud owner of an i486-based PC. Congrats man, that should run DOS6.22/WFW3.11 or Win95A just fine.
    I don't know if swearing is alowed, so if it's not, my bad
    As long as your post is more than just a bunch of swears, you should be just fine.
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