Mirror Download Glitch (Specifically the 1st US Mirror)

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This glitch happens with anything I've downloaded from WinWorld in the past week. For some reason when you select the first mirror to download from (the first mirror is often a US one) it redirects you back to the OS Category page. Selecing a different mirror does work without any problem, but I just want to ask WHY this happens.


  • Ah, poop. It was working the other day.

    The redirection normally should only happen if it thinks your are trying to hot link, or if it can't find the file.

    Not sure why that is happening now. For the time being, just select another mirror.
  • It wasn't even working for me as well. I tried to download something today, but then it redirected me to the OS homepage. Is something going on?
  • Me,too.I also can't use “Facilier (NA-1) United States - NY”.
  • Notified Sorch and Stitch. I've marked Facilier "offline" until this is resolved, so you will only see the other mirrors.

    Edit: everything is working fine now.
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