[OFFER] Various mid-1990s Software

I've uploaded the below to WW's FTP with some more obscure titles and a couple where it's a different version to what is here. Unfortunately these are ZIP files and have an early 2000s time stamp so not archival quality as it were, though I've tested each one that it does install okay. These were either for Windows 3.1 or 95.

In order of uploading:
Alibaba WWW Server 2.0
Cubase Score 3.0
HotDog 2.5 Pro
InContext Spider 1.01
Borland C++ 5.0 Add-On for Java
MacOpener 2.0
Mathcad 6.0 Professional
Quarterdeck SpeedyROM 1.0
RealAudio Player
Setup Factory 3.10.01
Intel VTune 2.0
CorelXARA 1.1 (minus the clip art and fonts)
GraphPad Prism 2.1
PartitionMagic 2.01
PC/TCP 3.1
Quarterdeck GameRunner 3.0
InterAp 3.1.a
Midisoft Studio 4.0
Quarterdeck WebAuthor 2.0
Quarterdeck WebTalk Beta
Reflection4 5.0
WinFax Pro 7.0


  • "PC/TCP 3.1"

    Weren't you the one, and if so are you still looking for various PC/TCP and similar software?

    I've got 1.2 gig of stuff here that I haven't had time to sort.
  • Yes I had been. I've had more free time of late hence going through files.
    Reflection4 was an interesting find, I used a slightly newer version than this one for a telco billing system for a job I used to do.

    Others I've uploaded:
    GoldWave Audio Editor 3.22
    Hex Workshop 2.2
    1-4-All HTML Editor 1.0
    Eudora Pro 2.2
    Eudora Pro 3.0 Upgrade
    Starfish Internet Sidekick 97
    McAfee QuickBackup 2.01
    McAfee PCCrypto 1.01 International (only 40-bit encryption)
    Quarterdeck CleanSweep 3.0
    Quarterdeck Partition-It 1.0
    Quicken 6.0 - USA/Canadian
    SoftICE 1.05
    Microsoft Visual J++ 1.0
  • Thanks. It may be a while before I can get through all of these.
  • I know it has been a while since this was last updated, but I'm very interested on SoftICE 1.05 which is a part of what was made available by thinkpadman but has not made it to the site yet.

    Can anyone instruct me on what to do to be able to get SoftICE?

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