Computer Catastrophy

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Recently my computer failed..
it was :

1100MHz Duron
32MB Nvidia graphics
gigabyte GA-7ZXE motherboard

i took it to a local computer shop and they told me the motherboard had failed. so i bought a PC chips syntax SV266A, i fitted it but it still didn't work. so i went to a different computer shop and they told me the processor had failed so i went out and bought the cheapest i could find (Athlon XP 2000+) i fitted it and i worked for about a week then it failed again!

i tested the memory in my brothers PC as this was the only thing left thar i hadn't changed and it didn't work. so i went online and found that DDR is cheaper than SDR do i bough some and an Asrock K7S8X, put it all together and it still won't work

any ideas?


  • uhhhhhhhhhh DDR and SDR dont work in the same slots.
  • uhhhhhhhhhh DDR and SDR dont work in the same slots.

    its probly a dual board, with slots for both.
  • BOD wrote:
    found that DDR is cheaper than SDR do i bough some and an Asrock K7S8X, put it all together and it still won't work

    i know that!

    maybe i should have said that Asrock make motherboards....
  • ...but you cant put SDR in a DDR slot if thats what your saying. Ive GOT an Asrock mobo with an american megatrends BIOS.
  • ok
    the original motherboard had SDR
    the Pc chips had both
    the asrock has DDR

    i bought the asrock with the DDR
  • How exactly does it not work?


    PS. Did you check the pwr supply?
  • i turn it on and nothing happens the screen doesn't come on no beeps no POST nothing....
  • BOD wrote:
    i turn it on and nothing happens the screen doesn't come on no beeps no POST nothing....

    power supply? thats what happened to me the last time.
  • i have two both the same....
  • check if the processor is seared correctly
  • yep tried that as well
  • Well, you replaced everything.... Tried a different PSU...

    Did you set the multiplyer/FSB on the mainboard correctly? And the voltage?
  • yep 266
  • uuhhh.... The RAM freqency......And what about the multiplyer and voltage?

    should go like 266 * (multiplyer) = Processor speed
  • can't change them on the board i've checked everything..

    the mannual is shit theres 3 pages of english (if you can call it that)

    why don't the mannuals come with a troubleshooting section?
  • because people who put PC's together, should know what the hell they're doing.

    LOL, my manual is like 20 pages and only 3 is english
  • yeah i do know what i'm doing but i have no spares to test so i havn't a clue whats wrong...
  • Take it back down the shop
  • i was thinking that. but i have no money left i just spent
  • Heres what you do.

    Make sure your getting power.
    Check the connections and make sure the mobo is grounded correctly.
    Some newer mobos come with the new power adapter. Uses the ATX and the smaller 4pin power cable.
    Make sure your using the correct memory type and speed.
    reset the BIOS with the little jumper. Just move it over and wait a few secons and move the jumper back.
    Try using a diffrent Video card.

    Lots of times when a PC gets fried almost everything goes.
    My fiancee's father's PC got zaped by a brownout. I replaced the powersupply and the kinda fixed it. The mobo didn't want to work right and also the harddrives he had in it died. I replaced the mobo and harddrive and it kinda worked. By the end he ended up with a new PC. Everything was affected by the damn brown out.
  • Thats why you use surge protectors
  • i checked everything except the video card ill try a PCI one i've got.

    Since its failed ive replaced loads'a things (case, mobo, memory, processsor, PSU). i don't particurly wanna take it back to a shop cos its gonna cost enough just for them to tell me whats wrong. then i have to fix it.
  • Its probably the power supply which was dead after the first mobo died. It probably took the PCchips with it.
    If the PSU is okay, you should replace the VGA card. A friend of mine had a nVidia GF2GTS, which fucked up about 3 powersupplys, and one of the powersupplys took the 2 80gb harddrives with it.
  • i've got two psu's one came with the new case i think it's ok...
  • ive been reading this up could it be that the processor runs at 266MHz and the memory runs at 333MHz?
  • I don't think their speeds are causing a problem. If they are set to work properly then their speeds usually can be different I think. It does really seem like a bad power supply was the cause of some problems. And computers tend to do nothing when the video card is damaged (or not getting enough power). Was your power supply a weak one to begin with?
  • shit! the label on the mobo says not to use a 3.3v video card. anybody know if Nvidia TNT2 is 3.3 or 1.5? it think its 1.5.

    i doubt its the processor or the memory cos my other computer usually beeps itself to death if one of them two isn't working so i'm assuming they all do that.

    i tried another video card but it was like 6 years old and probably fucked, it'd been on my floor for six months.
  • Putting in something that needs m0re power than your giving it shouldnt damage anything. It should just make it not start. Why dont you just have a professional look at it? LOL
  • lack of money

    and uhh .... Fish how do you explain this....?

  • damn stupid me i stepped on my modem.

    it diconnected me!

    (last post was me)

    the image didn't show up for me

    it's here
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