Computer Catastrophy



  • i've been triying a few more things that i got from a couple of sites but still nothing.

    any more ideas people?
  • I'm sorry BOD but you've stumped me.
    It sounds like a compaq I had. Under warranty they replaced everything in it but the floppy drive {with refurbished junk} and it still wasn't stable.
    I junked it out a couple of months ago and most of the parts work on other machines.
  • unfortunatly asi built it myself i don't get a warranty. (well a full machine warranty)

    the pro has a 3yr warranty
    mobo + mem have 3months

  • Had exactly the same problem with my P4 1.7 a while back.

    I'm pretty sure its the PSU. Replace it. Is there a red led lighting up on the mainboard when you are trying to give it power?
  • i've tried two PSU's 300w and 400w they both have the same effect - nothing.

    i think i''m going to have to wait until the next time i get paid and take back to the shop and have them look at it again.
  • But do you have a red led lighted on the mainboard?
  • nVidia TNT2's are 3.3volt cards, so it probably fucked the mainboard.
    Try voltage+TNT2 in google.
  • holy shit
    that can't be good
    yeah google says it is oMG oh well new VGA card for me then.....
  • Hmm... anything happen with this some 12 days later?
  • theres a computer fair near me on saturday im gonna see if i can get a new video card then
    Roger wrote:
    But do you have a red led lighted on the mainboard?

    there isn't an LED on the mainboard, unless you mean the ones on the front of the case...
  • Its hard to tell what hardware dies unless you have a hardware tester. If video shows up on the monitor and its not all gobbled up and if you can install the drivers and the picture is still fine then its not the video card. When you replaced the motherboard did you replace the drives ribbon cables? I asked around and found out that when a mobo dies its really the power supply's fault from a brown out or a power surge. When it kills the powersupply 70% of the time it will take the mobo with it. 50% of the time it will take the add-in cards and 30% of the time it will take the drives with it also. After reading all of your posts it might just be easyer to buy a new PC or strip down the that PC (Including the power supply) and build a new PC.

    Yesterday I was talking to one of the network admins from my old job and he told me that his PC got zaped by just plain old static. He had his PC unhooked sitting on the bed and his dogs up up onto the bed and started to horse play and he thinks that what made the static that killed the PC.

    A lot of people are not careful when it comes to grounding the hardware. Like putting plastic or rubber washers on both sides of the mount points on the mobo and run a ground wire to the case. Or use the add-in cards as the ground.
  • i know the add on cards and drives work cos i tested them in another PC. i cant test the mobo, pro and memory cos i dont have a PC to test them in.

    i would build an entierly new PC but i have looked into it and it would cost a lot (
  • What PC are you on now?
  • if you pay attention

    he has a thinkpad and an athlon :-P
  • I do pay attention, though I don't always remember every single system in possesion of every single user.

    What I do is actually read threads 99.9% of the time before I post them. I find it works well. Have you tried doing that?
  • im on my laptop at the mo
  • Any progress with this?
  • ive applied for a part time job for the summer. hopefulkly ill get it so im just gonna completely rebuild the thing.....
  • Good luck in the job and rebuild.
  • thanks. im still dedciding what specs i should look at...
  • ive bin thinking about what might be wrong with my athlon.

    after looking on tomchus new site i saw that his server has a PCI graphics card, which made me think that it cant be graphics which are the probem, cos i tried 2 PCI cards. the only thing therefore that i can think it is, is the processor. ususally when summats up with a comp it beeps like crazy (which this one doesnt).

    im gonna look into this wen half term starts tommorow. but if it is the proc. im making a phone call the AMD about the 3yr warranty i have.....
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  • as the system refuses to boot i dont know.

    they where from what i remember about 40*C....
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  • Yup, better try your CPU on the another board... if it refuses to boot too, so your CPU may have died... :)
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