Hard disk imaging software

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Looks like another HGST drive hit the went down(I've dealt with 4-5 in the past year now, from the same batch it looks like) and this time data recovery is needed.

Keeping it short, the freezer method is yielding success but requires the drive to frequently return to the cold as read errors are encountered.
Now, I'm looking for a sector imaging program with pause capabilities allowing me to disconnect the drive, refreeze it, and resume at the last successful sector.
Don't know why an image is required, but a job's a job.

Any recommendations?


  • Hard drive imaging software varies depending on the OS actually on the HDD. Will you be using another PC to image the HDD or actually running an OS off of the HDD and making a backup / image that you'd put onto a USB or to another HDD?
  • Depending on the nature, I do both.

    If the client wants a massive image, I stick the drive into another sata port on my desktop and image it onto a third hard drive.

    If I'm doing a direct clone, Norton ghost works. I have another program which worked for disks that go down, but it looks like HGST has a magical quality about their failure.

    And it is unwise to attempt to boot a failed or failing hard drive.
  • I usually just use DD Rescue for this since it can reverse direction and handle read failures better.
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