Microsoft Windows Boot Disk 98 SE


  • This boot disk is from Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition retail package, thanks.

  • thank you for this

  • What if you were to use Linux to make a FAT32 partition bootable, copy the bootdisk to that partition, then reboot, thereby installing it from the hard disk? I think it is possible, just I probably need to mind the disk configuration (data tree or file tree; create the right folders; set the attributes right; other housekeeping)

  • The base install needs to be installed from a boot disk, the upgrade can work under a version of DOS and/or Windows.

  • P.S Thanks so much.

  • for any confused soul, "You can also use it with 95 RTM if you don't use FAT32" means when running fdisk, say N to enable large support
  • No Ramdrive version of Win98SE Boot Disk.
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    This is a Retail Setup Disk for installing Windows 98 Second Edition, not a disk to boot or utilize standalone MS-DOS.
    The official version recognized by MS is Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, and it is not the version that users call their minds like MS-DOS 7.1.

    It is recommended to use MS-DOS version 6.22 or lower to utilize MS-DOS standalone.
  • Anyone know how to get fdisk to format C: as fat 32 instead of 16. no matter the boot disk or iso it won't format it to fat32.
    Am using the latest update of 86box. Sorry if it's the wrong p[lace to ask such.
  • This doesn't work on QEMU?
    boot command:
    qemu-img create -f raw windows.img 2G
    qemu-system-i386 -hda windows.img -m 64 -cpu 486 -vga std -fda boot.img -cdrom Windows.iso -boot a
    after formatting using the boot disk, it can't boot right
  • At least the uploaded data works well in practice.

    However, I don't understand why the Product Comment reports that it doesn't work in QEMM or the emulator.

    If it does not work even in multiple practical applications, it may be considered a problem with the uploaded data. However, if you report this problem here in an emulator that does not perfectly perform the practical functions, it will cause unnecessary misunderstanding as if there is a problem with the uploaded data. Instigating is difficult.

    To be clear, I want you to keep in mind that although the software at the time may have considered operation in the actual machine, it did not consider operation in the emulator.
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    98 SE Non-Dutch Boot disk is corrupted for me, not working. I Am trying to use this disk and the boot BIOS comes up with something like this "PLEASE INSERT SYSTEM DISK TO BOOT", the message reads it out like there's no disk inserted so upon boot, the BIOS sees this disk as nonexistent. (mainly energy BIOSes)
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    On the windows 98 boot disk, there is apparently no format command but if you go into the windows 98 CD and use "cd d:\win98" and run the command "format c:", it'll actually let you format the hard drive, even tho this happens throughout setup. (this also applies to setup, where youc an run from the win98 folder.)
  • To me, it reads that the OP needs to have a DOS booting environment with CD drivers, so the installation can continue from the ISO.

    "98 SE Non-Dutch Boot disk is corrupted for me, not working." Not likely, or someone would have complained sooner. And of course, it's not stated if this is a real hardware, or VM environment. Don't know why your hardware setup is not able to use it - but with a bit of hackery, anything can be done.

    3rd party tools like rufus, ImgBurn, PowerISO and UltraISO (my preference) can make bootable ISO from your existing one, or a set of files.
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