Microsoft Windows Boot Disk 98 SE


  • This boot disk is from Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition retail package, thanks.

  • thank you for this

  • What if you were to use Linux to make a FAT32 partition bootable, copy the bootdisk to that partition, then reboot, thereby installing it from the hard disk? I think it is possible, just I probably need to mind the disk configuration (data tree or file tree; create the right folders; set the attributes right; other housekeeping)

  • The base install needs to be installed from a boot disk, the upgrade can work under a version of DOS and/or Windows.

  • P.S Thanks so much.

  • for any confused soul, "You can also use it with 95 RTM if you don't use FAT32" means when running fdisk, say N to enable large support
  • No Ramdrive version of Win98SE Boot Disk.
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