Windows 95 RTM



  • @SomeGuy product type inside SETUPPP.INF is 3 (retail upgrade floppy), CCP=1 (existing product required). However, notice how there's about 200KB free on every disk, suggesting this was perhaps originally a 1.2MB version. The presence of MSBATCH.INF with ProductType=1 could be either Microsoft issuing this for some special purpose (they used to do this with MSDN releases, for example) or someone else adding it to bypass any product type restrictions.
  • The 3.5" uploaded to WinWorld is probably a internal MS CD that doesn't need the key, it's definitely not OEM.

    Interesting one is the DMF format which doesn't include the MSBATCH.INF, my theory is that it's the real consumer retail DMF copy.

    Type 4 in the MSBATCH.INF performs the same function as with not having the file but I believe there's more to it.
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