Windows 95 OSR 2.5



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    Huh? Those combined should take up under 400 MB.

  • yeah, a bug with windows/fdisk/other

  • I got this error:
    While initializing device IOS:
    Windows Protection Error. You need to restart your computer.

  • @TheOneGoat said:
    So I'm using VirtualBox, and every time I start up the VM, it says, "FATAL: No bootable medium found! System halted." I have tried every single boot device possible and it still says that. I am using OSR 2 ISO (CD). Can someone help?

    Use a boot disk for any version of Windows.

  • @Awesome123639 said:
    I got this error:
    While initializing device IOS:
    Windows Protection Error. You need to restart your computer.

    Your CPU is too fast. There are patches for this problem under the Windows 95 category here on WinWorld.

  • @ZylissZockerHD said:

    can anyone help me with this error message: "While initializing device IOS:
    Windows protection error. You need to restart your computer."
    After a reboot it still gives the same error... only the options command prompt only/safe mode command prompt only

    Try using a patch hosted on WinWorld.

  • The German version here only comes with IE3.
  • IE 4 is present in the ISO and should be installed on first boot.
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    Well, it did not install it. Is there a manual way do load it from the disc?
    Edit: never mind, it's in the win95 folder. No idea why it was not installed on my system though
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    I can't find a working serial for Windows 95 & Microsoft Plus! Anyone has one that works?
  • @DPlex64
    There is a thread here that has various serials for various products. I'm pretty sure you'll find one here.
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    For the Microsoft Plus! product key just use all 1s
  • Just so everyone knows you can upgrade from first release of windows 95 to 2.5 OSR OEM by Deleting WIN.COM and WINVER.EXE before upgrading!
  • Hey, someone knows how to install this on DOSBox?
  • Mouse does not work in vmware? any ideas?
  • Use PS/2 Mouse in VmWare, If it doesn't work use DOSbox Or PCem Or 86box
  • I love how the "Minimum free disk space" is 666MB.
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    the min disk space is actually around 55-60 megabytes, also if your searching for a Valid OEM key but they all just dont work, you've came to the right place, here, i'll show to make a VALID oem key and how it'll always work when u make one using this method about to be listed.
    (valid cd key i tested using the method btw its for osr 2.5:24995-OEM-0700707-37345)
    ANYWAYS heres the method
    xxx95-OEM-0700707-37345: Make sure its from 001 to 366
    249xx-OEM-0700707-37345: It must be 95 or 96 or 97, NOT LOWER than 95 or over 02
    24995-OEM-xxxxxxx-37345: The first digit must be 0, The last digit MUST be 7 and the rest in that one can be either 7 or 0, Also You can use 9, 5 ,6 1, but they all need to be in it all at once or else it won't work. also you cant use more than one 9,5,6,1, Also 1 must be the ending sequence for this or else the 9,5,6,1 method for this one won't work.
    249xx-OEM-0700707-xxxxx: Any last digits you'd like.
    Now your CD Keys should always be valid!
    2nd example for osr 2.5 oem:14202-OEM-0770777-07548 (idk how its valid because its like about 4 months after end of life.+
    This method could also work with Other OSR OEM releases of windows 95 but idk since i haven't tested yet
    OSR 2 cd key for OEM: 33196-OEM-0569071-85340
    another TOO SIMPLE osr 2 cd key for OEM: 00100-OEM-0777777-77777
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