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imageWindows 3.0 / 3.1 3.0

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  • *Microsoft Windows 3.0a (5.25" 360KB - 15 EA)

    This media type is very rare and hard to find, because it was available via Microsoft mail order only.
    I've checked it and all files are identical to 3.5" 720KB media's one except SETUP.INI.
    (No error has found.)

  • How do I install the multimedia edition?

  • @colincool05 said:
    How do I install the multimedia edition?

    It is going to be hard to install that, you need MS-DOS CD-ROM drivers on a Tandy. I recommend finding a non-Tandy version though, it works on any IBM PC then.

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    I really didn't know Microsoft Windows 3.0 (Not 3.0a) with 5.25" 360KB 15 disks are listed on eBay.

    This seems to be wanted list on WinWorld.

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    Versions between Windows 3.1 Beta 1 and Release Candidate are rare. These are some of the versions not available here.

  • I'd suggest changing the minimum RAM requirement for Win 3.0 to 640KB, as it will run on that in Real Mode. It seems a bit misleading the way it is.

  • If I recall correctly, Windows 3.0 won't run in 286 standard or 386 enhanced modes with only 640k. That is how most people would expect to use it. Memory requirements on most software products usually have some wiggle room - for example many DOS programs require less total system RAM if they are run on earlier versions of DOS than what was current at the time. Many vendors used numbers to represent what is needed to make a program run well rather than just start up.

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    Well when I was a kid, I did run 3.0 on a 286 on real mode. I played really simple games on there, since the real mode didn't allow a lot to be done. But its important that the minimum is actually the absolute minimum, instead of a more recommend size. So yeah, it should show 640kb as minimum, as its actually posible to use it like that.

    Of course, it would be better if it had the complete list of minimum requirements:

    • Real mode: 640kb (384kb free)
    • Standard mode: 1Mb
    • Enhanced mode: 2Mb

    (and its silly that the minimum RAM is show a 2Mb AND the minimum processor is 8086/8088, since its impossible to have such processor with 2Mb of RAM - XT computers were limited to a maximum of 640kb)

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    Ok, the official system requirements for Windows 3.0 are:

    System Requirements
    Personal computer using the Intel(R) 286, 386 (386 SX or 386DX), or higher processor.
    640k conventional memory (640k conventional and 256k extended memory recommended).
    One 3 1/2" (720k) disk drive and a hard disk (1.2mb drive for the 1.2mb version).
    CGA, EGA, VGA, 8514/A, Hercules(r) graphics card, or compatible video graphics adapter and monitor (EGA or higher recommended).
    MS-DOS or PC-DOS operating system version 3.0 or higher.

    Microsoft Mouse or compatible.
    Hayes(R) or compatible modem for communications.

    By the way, it is possible for a PC/XT class computer to have more than 640k through the use of paged EMS memory. Although that kind of memory is not really useful to Windows 3.0 or most other programs.

  • What does 3.0a mean??? Is it extended???

  • Updated release from October 1990, the original non-a release was in May.

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    It would be nice if we had the Windows 3.00.16 and Windows 3.00.33 Beta Builds.

  • The "Microsoft Windows 3.0 Multimedia Edition" CD-ROM download is a TANDY OEM CD.

    It contains "Microsoft Windows 3.0a with Multimedia Extensions", with Tandy additions and a boatload of demo software. The label of the CD is "TANDYDEMO2".

    To install, simply go into the "MWIN" directory on the CD and run SETUP.EXE

    Be careful with the installation, as it will default to a rare "Paradise VGA" adapter, which most will probably not have, and is not an emulation option in DOSBox. Unless you have other Windows 3.0 compatible display drivers at hand, you should probably select "VGA 640x480 with 16 colors".
    The default audio option: "Tandy Sound Blaster (16 bit)", will by default only ask for the IO port (220 is typical), but will not ask for the other Sound Blaster settings, and it turns out it assumes some strange default values for IRQ, DMA and High DMA. So after finishing the installation, edit SYSTEM.INI and change the the settings. These settings work for me (DOSBox default SB16 emulation with IO=220, IRQ=7, DMA=1, HDMA=5):


    MasterVolume=15, 15
    FmVolume=6, 6
    CDVolume=9, 9
    LineVolume=1, 1
    VoiceVolume=9, 9

    Here is the contents of the root of the CD-ROM. It does not even contain a README as to what is on it.

  • I just found out that Pre-Release 0.1 has support for desktop patterns in WIN.INI. There are two patterns under [colors] in that file, and if one is uncommented, that pattern will display in the background on the next start. If both are uncommented, the first one takes precedence.

  • There is actually 2 Versions Windows 3.00.14 Debug Version and Non-Debug Version. A lot features was left out in Debug Version was in Non Debug Mode including ability to Run MS-DOS Application in Windows. It probably include Task Manger is version missing. A nice fine.

  • Windows 3.00.14 Alpha Build also run VirtualBox. Windows 3.00.14 Alpha run most Windows 2.xx Applications in Protective Mode.

  • Ok,updated the Windows 3.0 MME

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    There is Youtube Video claiming to be Windows 3.0 build 48 thanks @jb881122 for pointed it out betaarchive

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    I've converted the CUE (oops, BIN) format to ISO format on the MME Tandy OEM. Anyway, here is the link:
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    @msdos6000 How can I install the Multimedia Edition Tandy OEM on VMware? (+ I don't know how to get the CD-ROM working on MS-DOS)
  • You need to configure an ATAPI driver for DOS and MSCDEX.
  • @DeFacto I finished installing it, but it doesn't make any sound!
  • /R=Real mode
    /S or /2=Standard mode
    /3=386 Enhanced mode
  • Does anyone have the 3.0 Multimedia Development Kit build 59?
  • ChanceManRox, you can download this on our website:
  • Is there an generic OEM (non-Tandy) 3.0a MME? Or MME patch only?
  • @dvamg there's two more generic ones available on BA. And I think there's also an Epson OEM for PC98?
  • Pre Release 0.1 is actually build 14
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    The Creative OEM version of MME above is a lot cleaner than the Tandy version. It has a few Sound Blaster Pro programs pre-installed but that's about it.
  • What is Windows 3.0a? Never heard of it
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