Windows 3.0 / 3.1 3.0



  • A minor update released in October 1990.
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    The Multimedia Edition is based on this version.
  • I installed windows 3.0 prerelease 0.1 but it wont work.
  • @helloisthispizzahut It work on VirtualBox, try MS-DOS 4.01
  • good release. my dad used this version of Windows for his first days of Windows
  • The initial release of Windows 3.0 on 360k floppy disks can be found here, courtesy of Anugrah Pratama Bahri.
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    Can you give me a Config for PCem v17
    Version: 5.25 Floppy Version (1.2MB)

    Edit: Nvm, I Got it to work just by installing MS-DOS 5.0 With the config:
    Machine: 386SX Amstrad MegaPC
    CPU: Intel i386SX/25
    RAM (MB): 4MB, FPU: 387
    Graphics: VGA
    Sound: SoundBlaster 1.0
    Storage: 24MB HDD IDE Drive
    Mouse: Microsoft 2-Button Mouse
  • Version 3.00.133 is incorrectly named. Its Windows 3.00 Build 33.
  • two ".img" floopys of windows 3.0 build 33 are missing, If you go to where he published it, If you go to where he published it, you will see that there are only photos of these floopys but no img



  • I discovered that there are more SDK diskettes missing from Windows 3.0 build 33 :scream:
  • I'm trying to install Windows 3.0 build 14 (0.1 Prerelease) on 86Box, can anyone help me out?
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    I have it running in 86Box v2
    86Box settings:

    Machine Ami 486 clone

    Memory 8mb

    Display EGA

    Microsoft Serial Mouse

    Hdd Sectors 17 Heads 2 Cylinders 612 10MB

    Floppy A 3.5 720K

    Floppy B 5.25 1200k

    Then install MS-DOS 3.31 Compaq OEM, input the 1st floppy of Windows and type setup.bat C:\Windows and when asked, change to disk 2.

    When it's finished installing you'll need to add DEVICE=C:\Windows\HIMEM.SYS and FILES=40 to CONFIG.SYS.

    Then reboot and at the C: prompt type cd c:\windowx (enter} then type win386 (enter). Done!

  • @jonirob
    Mainly, I was struggling to install MS-DOS 3.31 Compaq OEM due to not knowing how to do it correctly since it's different than installing Microsoft MS-DOS 3.30.
    As for the specs, here is what I'm using.

    Machine: Compaq Deskpro 386 (May 1988)
    Memory: 2MB
    Display: IBM VGA
    Mouse: Microsoft Serial Mouse
    Hard Disk: 925 Cylinders, 7 Heads, 17 Sectors, 53MB
    Floppy Drives: A = 3.5" 720K, B = 5.25" 1.2M
  • @Flowey98

    Just input MS-DOS 3.31 Compaq OEM disk 2 and run:


    format c:

    sys c:

    copy c:
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    Sorry for the late reply, but I'm still having trouble with Windows 3.0 Build 14.

    I managed to get it installed, but it gives me "Error: XMS version 2.0 or greater device driver not present" whenever I try to start the OS, how do I fix it?
  • @Flowey98
    Try it on a 486 machine with 8mb memory.
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