Windows 95 Chicago


  • 56 , 73 ,and 78 are all fake

  • Why do you believe they are "fake"? Do you have any supporting information?
    As they say on Wikipedia "[Citation Needed]"

  • Sheeeeeedd! Where Chicago was to buy? Was it even available for normal users?

  • Although Chicago was never on store shelves, Microsoft made Chicago available through a number of channels to IT professionals. During late 1994/early 1995 Microsoft had gotten entire companies to run Chicago/95 betas on all of their machines. Microsoft was REALLY pushing this product.

  • It’s true, that 56, 73 regular and 78 are fake: 56 is modified 58s, 73 a modified 73g and 78 too, with the real 78. See here:
  • That still doesn't have the level of information I really need, but I'll take a look at those builds when I get a chance.

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