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  • Windows 3.11 [Turkish]
    problems during installation, does not work at startup

  • Windows 3.11 [Turkish] installs and works for me, although it is crufty and needs a redump. Mmmmm.... turkey!

  • Hi, I want just to ask. Will it work on Compaq Portable II?

  • Hmmm! Never seen a 3.11 without the Workgroup branding! Very interesting!

  • I do recall seeing some Dell OEM plain 3.11 disks a long time ago, and they were labeled as "3.11". I recall some other OEMs shipped plain 3.11 but kept all of the external disk/manual branding as "3.1". I don't recall retail plain "3.11" on store shelves, but likely Microsoft also kept the external branding as "3.1".

  • @CPII said:
    Hi, I want just to ask. Will it work on Compaq Portable II?


  • Works on DOS 5 But My MS-DOS 7.1 CD Keeps breaking so use MS-DOS 5.

    "gimee five. Upgrade to MS-DOS5"

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    According to Wikipedia (, it has a 80286 proccessor so maybe but I'm going to have to say no to the graphics adapter.
    Maybe upgrade it to VGA (which is compatible) or greater as I recommend VGA for Windows 3.11 but if you want more than 16 colors maybe search for some rare VGA adapters that support more than 16 colors (like Paradise, but I'm not sure if it is compatible, because it is kind of rare). If I recall correctly, Windows 3.1 can run on EGA, but not CGA. So you could upgrade it to a compatible EGA adapter. Also do VGA/EGA on a external monitor if VGA or EGA looks like garbage on that internal display.
  • The retail version does not work i got this error while copying files: setup was unable to copy the file ega80woa.fon.
  • It works perfectly fine for me. Of course, you failed to give any details at all about your configuration.
  • Windows 3.1x has been continuously sold for 29 years now, thanks to OS/2 and its derivatives.
  • @SomeGuy I gave it 8 mb of ram 2gb of storage VMware fusion
  • @Siloboy987
    Use PCem Or 86box, Don't use VirtualBox Or VMware
    If it's too hard to make Windows work on PCem/86box With the Virtual Hardware System (Config) Then use DOSbox Or QEMU.
  • what if i tried using this in DOSBox?
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    I know this is a controversial request, but may I provide an unofficial Windows 3.11 CD-ROM? It is the retail full version in English language. It allows you to easily install Windows 3.11 without the pain of swapping floppies. It works similar to the floppy version, you mount the file, then go to D drive and type setup. After that installation is easy, and is also much faster. The ISO file contains the original files from the floppy completely unmodified.
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    You may discuss and link to such custom images, but they will not be added to the library. Any idiot can extract the files to a folder and put them on a network storage/zip drive/portable hard drive/CD-rom, etc. It isn't hard.

    If you think installing WFWG from floppy is some kind of hardship, try installing Microsoft Office 4.3 from floppy. On dozens of computers. Boo hoo.

    Or, you want a real challenge? Try taking 1000 files someone dumped in to a random single folder and figure out which floppy disk in the set each file is supposed to go on to.
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    Windows 3.1 Y2K Update
    Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Y2K Update
    File Manager Shows Garbled Date for Year 2000 or Later (Q85557)
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    I Installed the Retail Version, the Oem and the Special Upgrade but when windows starts up they all still show the Logo of Windows 3.1 and when you click on Winver.exe they report that you are running Windows 3.10, Where are the fully updated Windows 3.11 components? It seems Windows For Workgroups 3.11a is the same way except it has an updated WFW3.11 logo but I guess Microsoft never updated Winver.exe for 3.11, however I did find the normal updated 3.11 logo in an old update called vgaup.exe get it here
  • Why there not any Windows 3.11's start up logo?
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