An offer (mainly Japanese software)

I have a (very) few Japanese software (all of them are original languaged software that were translated to Japanese) that I would contribute here the following (both of them complies the abandonware criteria):

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 6J [Graphics] [PAS-01681] (1999)

A budget-friendly clone of Adobe Photoshop. Didn't use it because I can't understand Japanese language, though. It was distributed by P & A, Inc for the Japanese market.

Prince of Persia 3D [Video Game; Action-Adventure] (originally released in 1999; released in 2001 for the Japanese market by MediaKite)

An action-adventure 3D game based on the original Prince of Persia franchise. Interestingly, not only half of the menus and its UI are in English and Japanese, but the cutscene dialogues are also in Japanese.

Disc 1 (setup disc): MKW-196-1
Disc 2 (game disc): MKW-196-2

I would be uploading them to my Google Drive soon.


  • I'd be interested in Paint Shop Pro. I understand some of the language and have been looking for more Japanese software, though generally don't find a lot.

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