IBM PC Storyboard Plus

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Do you have IBM PC Storyboard Plus?

It is an old graphic editing suite for DOS, published by IBM in 1990. It contains many programs (graphic editor, presentation, presentation runtime, screenshot, etc.) and supports wide variety of devices (printers, plotters, digitizers, graphic tablets, etc.). Can I request this program?

Thank you.


  • Hmm, I haven't heard of it, but I will keep a lookout for it, can you give me more info on it?

  • why did u delete my post??
  • This program sounds good. I will help Q look for it.
  • Here is more information about this program:

    IBM PC Storyboard Plus is a graphic editing suite published by IBM in 1990.

    This suite consists of several programs:
    - Picture Maker (graphic editor),
    - Picture Taker (taking screenshots),
    - Story Editor (making "stories" [presentations]),
    - Story Teller (runtime for displaying stories),
    - Setup program, and
    - Menu for launching above programs.

    The suite supports wide variety of devices, such as printers, plotters, graphic tablets, keyboard, mouse, and even joystick.

    There are several versions of this program available:
    - IBM PC Storyboard
    - IBM PC Storyboard Plus
    - IBM PC Storyboard Live

    More information (on the web): ... +Editor%22

    Hope this helps.
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