[Offer] Visi Corp Visi On Transcopy Images

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Visi Corp Visi On, now with Transcopy images! Visi On contains copy protection that software based copiers can not copy. Transcopy images can be written back to real disks using a Central Point Deluxe Option Board. In the future, as the tool sets mature, it should theoretically also be possible to write these with a SuperCard Pro or KryoFlux. In the mean time, the Transcopy images can also be used in the PCE emulator with no modifications at all!

Visi On Applications Manager
Visi On Calc
Visi On Graph
Visi On Word

PCE preconfigured emulator with Visi On

For more information and manuals, see http://toastytech.com/guis/vision.html


  • Slightly off-topic but related, but I did notice VisiCorp copyright in the OS/2 2.11 installer (which I didn't see in Warp) - what's that about?
  • That is odd. Where exactly was this? The VisiCorp brand was long defunct by the time of OS/2 2. They were bought out by Paladin in late 84 or 85.

    Which was too bad, really because "Paladin Software" just didn't have the same businessy ring to it. With their pin-striped floppy disk sleeves and professional looking bound manuals, VisiCorp really had a professional brand there that rivaled IBM.

    Edit: Ok, I see, IBM still referenced the Visi On mice (which were really just re-branded Mouse Systems mice) and credit the trademark to "VisiCorp".
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