[request] Windows 2000 Server, in English, with no SPs

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MS added product activation for TS in a service pack, so I'd like to check if you're grandfathered if you installed pre-SPs. However, we don't seem to have the 2000 Server edition without any service packs slipstreamed and in English.


  • We have a 2000 server folder on the network, its just the i386 folder for some strange reason (we normally have the ISOs too), the files are dated 12/7/1999 7:00AM and I don't see any SPx.cab...

    I'll rig up a VM to test it later and see what version it winds up being.

    EDIT: Yup... looks to be RTM 2k server, but like I said its only the i386 folder, can dabble with making a ghetto iso but I'd imagine you can handle the raw folder too.
  • yeah, you can just do winnt/winnt32 from DOS or another Windows to bootstrap from
  • Ampharos,

    Are you still interested in the original ISO? I have a retail box of Win2000 Server at home and after checking it in a VM it's the RTM (5.00.2195) version.

    It's dated the same as the copy Wingzeroismine mentioned, but 11PM I guess due to being the International English version.

    Also have the 'Customer Support & Diagnostics Tools' CD.
  • sure, would be nice to have on the archive. upload it the normal way into the library.
  • I have the MSDN copy of it if anyone is interested too.

    Files timestamp: 7 December 1999, 12:00 GMT
    SHA-1: 0E5986B46E60A94B39EFAB6E3F3967FCC907E146

    I'm happy to contribute if there was any need for it.
  • Does anybody else think we should only keep SP0 iso's and then just offer the service packs to upgrade when we can?

    It would be ideal to save on space and dthen offer the maximum amount of configurations possible (by means of applying the service packs after the fact).
  • It might depend if they've been officially slipstreamed. I think the NT 4 SP1 ISOs were officially slipstreamed, and the 2000 ones not.

    as for licensing, nope, it's still like that in RTM.
  • I've uploaded "Windows 2000 High Encryption Floppy Disk"

    *Windows 2000 High Encryption Floppy Disk (3.5)

    Attached content : 1 Disk Image (3.5" 1.44MB) + 1 Diskette Art

    SHA1:91048cdd961075881d1441dcef0291be05ebf0b0 / DISK1.IMG
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