[Request] Old version of PowerDVD

I can't find the appropriate version for the PC I want to put it on anywhere online, even eBay and Amazon don't have any old discs available. So I'm asking here, because there's nowhere else I can. I don't want anything newer than v4 XP, because this PC is far too old for it (it runs Win98). Hell, I'd be happy with v1 if someone had it. Thanks.


  • I have PowerDvd XP v4.0 here for you. I can make an ISO and upload it for you, if you want that version. But it needs Win98SE, according to the description on the disk.

    Will search at home if I have an older version.
  • I'd be most grateful!
  • I just made an ISO and than I realised that it is a German version. Did not found any other version. If you want the German version I can upload it for you.
  • Thank you, but I require the English version.
  • I just noticed that my version is multilingual. Depending on the Localization settings in the controlpanel it will be in that language. So also English.
  • Sounds good to me, if you could upload that for me it would be appreciated.
  • Sorry for my very late answer.

    I Just uploaded it, now we have to wait for the admin to put in the download section.
  • There may be some delays processing new stuff due to some server issues. Not to mention my DSL crapping out every 5 minutes...
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