Is This the Right Place For AV-Related Questions?

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I've been looking around for a place to make a forum post about my Panasonic VHS Reporter AG-188, but most AV forums don't have a forum for vintage equipment. Since this is the designated hardware forum on a site all about outdated technology, and computer tech and AV tech are closely related, I thought maybe this would be a close enough place to post it? I'm still not sure, and I don't want to post something like that only for everyone to tell me that this isn't the kind of place for that, so I thought I may as well ask before asking: Is it okay to post questions about equally vintage Audio/Visual Tech?


  • Unless by chance a member knows a lot about AV equipment, you may be better off being a member of an AV forum. They make not specifically have a vintage theme, though I'd image there would some enthusiasts that could help you. I know 70s equipment such as amplifiers are often sought after.

    If it was about plugging in your video recorder into an old PC/Mac using a capture card it would be more suited to here. That's my opinion anyway and I really have no idea on video recorders!
  • Yeah I had one of those when I wanted to transition from analog(film) into digital production. However, switched from digital back to analog a bit back.

    What do you need to know?
  • This forum is one of nicest on-line forums ihave ever come across.
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