Utility to drain the water from your hard drive

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Given the day, I just wanted to point to a little old joke utility that made its way around back in the day.

It is a small little program called "drain". One would leave it running, and when activated it would claim that it needs to drain the water from your hard drive. It will access the drive for a little while and exit when it is "finished". On emulators or faster hardware you won't see the disk access.

Since it is not worthy of Winworld, I threw it up on Vetusware:

http://vetusware.com/download/Drain%20C ... /?id=13527

An older "A: drive" version is here:
http://cd.textfiles.com/internetconnect ... /drain.zip


  • It is a legitimate although a joke program, it is not worthy of win world, so what does something have to be to be worthy of WinWorld?
  • In general, titles on Winworld needs to be a former commercial title. Shareware/freeware can be hosted anywhere, and there are already many collections (such as the textfiles site). There are a few exceptions such as historically significant titles or titles that are useful to the community. The reason is just a matter of focus due to very limited resources.
  • This is interesting joke program.

    *Drain (A: version)


    *Drain (C: version)

  • Little novelty/joke programs like this are great. I have actually been looking for this one since seeing a similar program in a video a while back. Thanks SomeGuy!
  • Has anybody seen any sheep lately? :idea:

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