NES emulator for MS-DOS download?

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Oh hi guys! I was wondering if you can find a download for NES emulator for MS-DOS? Because i would like to try out NES emulators for MS-DOS!


  • RetroArch has a DOS port in development. you can compile the NES emulation core and run it standalone on DOS.
  • NESticle X.XX is your best bet. It hasn't been updated since 1998, but it has good compatibility and many features. It's still the premier in NES emulation on DOS-based systems. System requirements are very meager as well, needing only an 80486 processor and 8Mb of RAM.
  • go to find a dos version.

  • ZSNES was my emulator of choice for MANY years back when DOS was still a thing, even though I think I've always used the Windows versions. As far as I can tell, the DOS version is still "up to date", too:

    I thought there was a DOS build of SNES9x (which is my current SNES emulator of choice) but a quick search didn't turn up any recent download links.

  • I still use NESticle X.XX on my 486 and Pentium
    PCs. Sure, it's from 1998 but it still works GREAT on anything 486 DX2/66 or faster.

    A hint about NESticle though.....when in real mode DOS, if you want to play Dragon Warrior IV, make sure you have at least 500k of base memory free and the ROM you are using is the old 1MB "bad" dump. If under 500k or with the current dump the ROM won't load but YMMV.

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