Adventures in softmodding: Original XBOX

Hey all,

Today my Original Xbox-to-female USB cable came in today! I bought it specifically to softmod my Xbox. Problem being, I can't get any of my USB drives to work. On two of them, they just somehow slow down the framerate of the Xbox menu to the tune of the blinking light on it. The other two.. they work, but they both have the same error:

"Memory card in slot (1-4)A is not working; it may be damaged"

...yeah. dammit.

I've tried multiple methods of attempting to get them to work, such as trying different format types, rebooting my Xbox to hopefully mount the drives; all of them don't work.

What do I do?

My USB thumbsticks are;

Lexar, 8 GB (Working)
Lexar, 16 GB (Working)
Memorex Roto drive, 1 GB (Not working)
[...honestly I have no idea what this one is... generic?], 1 GB, (Not working)

Any suggestions and/or answers are greatly appreciated!


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