Thrift shop find - Original Wii! Getting set up...

Hey all!

A little while back, at my local thrift store I found an original Wii console in black for $11.00 CAD! No cables, but they're easy to find- so I thought.

So of course, I had to get it, thinking that the power supply for my Wii U will work with the Wii. Well.. no.
Welp, time to find cables. How hard could it be?

Very hard.

I haven't seen a single cable for the Wii there that'd work. Not one. It seems that whenever I get something there that I think will work or that I know I will see cables for in that store, they just magically disappear and I don't see them for a really long time.

Well recently, I found 1 of the 2 cables I need for it; the AV cables! $5.00, defiantly picking them up.

They had some sticky liquid spilled on it so I wasn't 100% sure if the cables work work or not. Luckily, my Wii U supports the cable type that I got, so I could test them!

I set the cable type to AV, and they work! Woohoo!

So, now to find the power cable for it...................

You know what, I'll just look to Amazon for the cables. Most likely, they will work, and they're new and will probably arrive sooner than if I had chosen to get them at a thrift store with an insane amount of luck.

So yeah! I hope my Wii works so I can softmod it and play Gamecube games on it!

Thanks for reading.


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    You should try getting one of those Wii2HDMI converters for newer TVs. Or, if you don't want to get it, at least get the component cable (NOT composite). In any case, you will need to set the Wii's resolution to EDTV (480p) and not SDTV (480i) for either of these to work to their full potential.

    My original white Wii is softmodded (Homebrew Channel) and I use a Wii2HDMI converter so it will work with my new AV Receiver (which doesn't have composite inputs, only component and HDMI).

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