PS2 Slim US 75001... with a modem port?

Hey all!

So recently, I acquired a Sony Playstation 2 Slim model 75001 with cables and all! (Sadly, the power supply is on a list of faulty power supplies). To further admire my find, I decided to go on Google Images to look at my same model PS2 just for fun. But, I found something.. unexpected.

I noticed that the 7000X models had ethernet and modem ports. I saw every model of that type have it. And then, curious if my model also had that commonality, I searched up my model no. PS2 (SCPH-75001) and included "modem" and "line" in the searches. But curiously enough, I found absolutely NO MODELS of PS2 75001 with ethernet AND modem. So, then I resorted to looking on Ebay. Still, nothing. Then forums, nothing!

Is my model PS2 SCPH-75001 with ethernet and modem possibly special? My best guess is that it's an early release model, even though the power supply says 2004-10 (September 2004). Considering I found no PS2s with the same model number and with a modem port on Google Images, I think it may be special.

What do you guys think? Let me know down in the comments, I'd love to learn more!
Thanks for reading :smile:


  • Post some pictures so we can see what's going on.

    EDIT: For a moment I thought you were talking about an IBM PS/2 and not a PlayStation

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    In fact "PS2" is more associated (Here in WinWorld) with the IBM PS/2 rather than the PlayStation 2

  • Oops sorry my bad- misread the product code on my PlayStation 2 (PS2), it's SCPH-70011.

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