MS-DOS 6.22

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MS-DOS 6.22

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  • What should I download to get MS DOS 6.22

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    This depends on your preferred language. Assuming "English" I recommend "Microsoft MS-DOS 6.22 Plus Enhanced Tools (3.5-1.44mb)", while all "Upgrade" versions require an already installed MS-DOS on your (real or virtual) hard disk.
    With a trick you may fool the "Upgrade" versions which usually do not allow you to install it on a blank HDD. For this you have to press and hold the "Shift" key on your keyboard while booting from the first floppy. Next step is "fdisk" to create a primary partition (if your HDD is complete empty), which requires a reboot afterwards. Keep the first floppy in the drive and boot while holding "Shift" again. Then run "sys c:" (without the quotes) from the command prompt and boot again from the first floppy, but this time WITHOUT pressing "Shift". Voila, the Setup will do the job now.

  • From MS-DOS 6 upgrade (6.0 / 6.2 / 6.21 / 6.22) it is possible to installed on blanked HDD drive.

    But you should make partition and make system boot from HDD that MSCdebug said.
    (If not SETUP.EXE reguse to install MS-DOS Upgrade on HDD)

    I added install processing as screenshot.

  • The 5.25 and 3.5 installation disks give me files with extensions like COMMAND.CO_ instead of COMMAND.COM when I extract them from the image. Is this my fault?

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    That is Not related with MS-DOS 6.22 but upgrade version of MS-DOS (or IBM PC-DOS) 5.xx

    Previous DOS should be installed (DOS 2.11 or higher) to install upgrade version of it.
    So please do Not discuss on this thread but make another thread.

  • The problem is that I wasn't using the upgrade versions.

  • Is there MS-DOS 6.22 Turkish version?

  • Believe it or not, there is a way to upgrade from MS-DOS 5 to 6.22 using 1 CD and 4 floppy disks. Use three floppy disks to setup MS-DOS 5 and the Windows 98 First Edition Bootdisk to copy MSCDEX.EXE and OAKCDROM.SYS to the hard drive, then using edit, change the autoexec.bat to load the mscdex.exe on the hard drive and config.sys to load oakcdrom.sys to read the IDE CD drive in either Virtualbox or VMware Workstation (Fusion for Mac). After those are working, extract the files from the upgrade 6.22 floppies to a folder and put the files of the folder in an ISO and voila. You can upgrade to DOS 6.22 from a CD.

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