Requesting Procomm

I see you have Procomm Plus here, but I'm interested in the original Procomm as well. I can't find the original Procomm at all here. Also, if there are any Procomm or Procomm Plus customers out there who have the registration file, please post that here (one for each, Procomm and Procomm Plus). It's the only way to make the registration message go away when starting the program, that annoying message that asks you to buy it.


  • I have a serial for ProComm Plus 2.01 if that helps at all:

    PP 20429729

    You might also want to grab these patches:

    d2up0001.exe - Patch to resolve crashes on 200+ MHz machines
    d2up0002.exe - Apply this patch if you have more than 2 gigs of free space on hard drive


  • What is the filename of the registration file? I have a registered install of ProComm Plus 2.01 on my 386.

  • I managed to dig up the original 1985 shareware Procomm and added it to the Procomm Plus entry for now:

    We don't normally add shareware, but this is one of the more historically important ones.

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