Difficulties installing Nvidia drivers on Windows 98SE

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Hi all
Today I tried to bring some life in an old pc that has been sitting in a dusty corner for a very long time, after I cleaned everything and identified all the parts I tried to install Windows 98SE. Everything went really good, no errors at all during the installation, but when I tried to install the latest drivers (71.84) for the gpu (Nvidia RIVA TNT2/TNT2 Pro) and restarted the computer, I get a black screen after the Win98 loading screen is gone, also the HDD isn't doing anything anymore, like the system freezed up.
I can fix this by going into safe mode and deleting the Nvidia drivers but you can't do much with a computer that doesn't have decent graphics drivers...
Has anyone here had this before? Or has any idea on how to fix this?

This might be worth noting, I don't have much experience with any Windows below XP, I was 4 the last time I used Win98...


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