2015 Copy of WinWorld + WinBoards

First, I Don't Know where to put this so i just put this here
Anyways, i found a 2015 Copy of The WinWorld Site and a Broken Copy of WinBoards. There was also a hidden page with an old BetaArchive FTP Login, which no longer works. I Found it whilst looking for Xbox 360 SDK's oddly enough

Here Are The Links:


  • Not to brag, but I believe this exact situation has been covered about a year ago, referring to this topic. As for the BetaArchive FTP page, that seemed to just be a parody of the real information on BetaArchive's FTP server. Plus, I think you posted in the right forum, because this does seem to be a "site issue".

  • Oh well, but it's interessting anyway

  • Right, they are not affiliated with WinWorldPC. I don't know who they are. It is just some publicly visible content that someone scraped and posted. probably designed to attract random clicks for advertising, and hopefully not malware. Not much that can be done about it.

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