R:Base 5.0 (Win)

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imageR:Base 5.0 (Win)

R:Base, from Microrim and first released in 1983, was a popular relational database that competed with Ashton Tate's dBASE product. R:Base was the first relational database for the IBM PC, also notable as earlier relational databases typically required more powerful hardware. R:Base also includes a form and report generator that is optimized for the capabilities of the IBM PC and features the ability to add or remove fields without losing data or relationships.

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  • There is a full set of screenshots, yet no downloadable copy?
  • Thanks for pointing that out. Must have goofed when adding it. Try it again now.
  • there's a copy for sale on ebay. here's a picture of the original box

  • installed this yesterday in windows xp and it works fine. I burned the images to physical floppies, since i had a stack of 3.5" laying about. There are 2 install files on the disk1. setup.exe and wsetup.exe. I tried executing setup.exe in a dos window and I didn't see anything going on so I clicked wsetup.exe in windows xp. still nothing, I was getting ready to pull the floppy out and give up, when I got a popup saying rbase was preparing setup, after that everything ran smooth and I followed the prompts. After it was installed I closed the installer, and behind it was a message saying only one setup can run at a time, so I don't know if the dos setup would have worked. But the windows one did.

    here's the sample report printed to screen

    the tutorial file are also included in this distribution.
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