PC-DOS 2.x

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PC-DOS 2.x

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  • The Jan'83 Manual is for DOS 2.0, not DOS 2.1 as labelled here

  • The manuals should be fixed now.

  • When i format C: it shows me this error "Formatting...Track 0 bad - disk unusable
    Format Failure" Any solution?
  • @PrussiaBoi

    What emulator/hardware are you using?
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    I use VirtualBox
  • I believe the problem is that the DOS 2.x formatter has issues with hard drives that use 63 sectors per track. Hard drives on the original IBM PC only used 17. Enough tools were hard coded for that, that RLL controllers with 26 sectors per track often had to offer sector translation.

    Also, remember that DOS 2 only supports drives less than 16MB. 10MB was typical.

    Anyway, there are two options -
    1: Format the drive using DOS 3.3 or later. Then SYS with DOS 2.x.
    2: Use an emulator such as PCE, PCEm, or MESS. These have more accurate emulation.

    BTW, at least older versions of Virtualbox do not support 360k floppy disk images, and IBM PC-DOS 2.x does not support 720k or 1.44mb. It will, however boot MS-DOS 2.x OEM disks, such as Kaypro 2000, that support 720k.
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