OS/2 1.x 1.3

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imageOS/2 1.x 1.3

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  • If you really want to install this, use 86box/pcem/varcem.

  • VistaFan6002, you can install it on VirtualBox. I did it with no problems.

  • It installs fine in virtualbox. Just make sure to use only 16 MB of RAM and a 500 MB hard disk. Also, make sure to select 1.30.1 or 1.30.2, as those will handle newer processors.

  • I have every version of OS/2 (Both IBM and MS) on VirtualBox. Not only 1.30.1/1.30.2. Even 1.0.

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    OS/2 1.30.1 is working really fine on Virtualbox, thanks to the linked tutorial.

  • The last one... Its filename states it'sSwedish; however the corresponding language column states English.
  • Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.
  • I remember this version well.. first time I'd used remote console / remote management (a product called 'Decaff') also this version included a full range of print drivers so all our OS/2 print spoolers worked again :smile:
  • I've been playing with IBM 1.30.2 Standard Edition and Word 1.1B and Excel 3.0 crash with Trap D in a system call but work fine on 1.30.0. Is this just me, expected, or is there something wrong with the dump?
  • My 286-20 gives Trap D during install diskette boot unless I disable turbo. I need to keep turbo disabled throughout the installation and whenever I want to run the installed OS. Tried 1.30.1 and 1.30.2, and replaced BASEDD01.SYS with that from the service pack ISO. Nothing seems to help.

    Anyone gotten past this?
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