Xenix IBM PC 1.00

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imageXenix IBM PC 1.00

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  • CPU is 286 only.

  • How can I run this on 86Box?
  • I tried booting from boot floppy but it shows me "E"s and I do not know what to do.
  • To install it, you need to configure an IBM AT with an FPU on 86Box (not sure if other emulators work), CGA display, a hard disk (I used a 20MB IDE with 615 cylinders, 4 heads and 17 sectors), and a 5.25" 1.2MB floppy disk drive. Run the diagnostics from the IBM AT diagnostics diskette, and once it finishes boot from the Xenix BOOT diskette. On the boot prompt, write fd /etc/badtrack. This should scan the hard drive for bad tracks. Once that finishes, it should return to the boot prompt. Now boot from fd /xenix.fd (not the default fd /xenix). It should go into a # prompt. Enter hdinit to erase the hard drive and copy some boot files and basic utilities. Finally, restart from the hard disk (boot from the default hd /xenix), and once you get to the # prompt insert the BASE1 floppy and type xinstall base to begin the actual install.
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    This is screenshot of installation from IBM PC AT 5150 (Rev.1 BIOS with 6MHz, HDD : 112MB - 9 types, RAM : 2MB)

  • What HD Controller should I use?
  • Never mind, I found HD controller. How much RAM Should I use and where is the IBM AT Diagnostics disk?
  • I used 640kb of RAM, however you could add more. I think the diagnostics disk is available here, however I can't remember on which page.
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