NeXTStep 3.x

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imageNeXTStep 3.x

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  • On Linux you can mount the CD iso files.

  • @Missileboi said:
    On Linux you can mount the CD iso files.

    Works on macOS too.

  • @Awesome123639 said:

    @Missileboi said:
    On Linux you can mount the CD iso files.

    Works on macOS too.

    Is the command diffrent for macOS?

  • I can't find anything about how to install this on VBox. Does anyone know how to?
  • @DPlex64

    Just use the Previous emulator included in the downloads. Instructions for use are included within.
  • I write the iso as "raw" data, and is not working. (3.3)
  • Trying to install 3.2 in a VM software (UTM for Mac) and I followed the instructions in Install.txt (changing the settings it said to change to the equivalent settings in UTM) but it keeps saying there are no bootable devices. I've tried with both x86 and x86_64 VMs with the same results in both. Same results with OPENSTEP.
  • If you want to mount the NeXTSTEP iso files in Linux, use this command: sudo mount -t ufs -o ufstype=nextstep-cd /path/to/nextstep-cd /mount-point
  • How do I write these discs as "raw" data?
  • @helloisthispizzahut You don't have to. If you want to mount the CD-ROM image or the boot floppies, use Linux.
  • Try using ImgBurn. If it loads the CD image it should be able to write it and you shouldn't have to mess with any other settings. I seem to recall it was other CD burning programs like EZ-CD that had to be told the image was "raw".
  • How do I install this in 86box for Windows?
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