MacOS 8.X

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I need a copy of MacOS 8.X.(ANY) Need it to fix a Preforma 6360.


  • Go to they actually release their OS's for free download when new ones come out, wonder if a certain M$ should do this also.
  • Oooh oooh! I need Mac OS 8.x too! Need to add it to my little OS collection I have going. ;)
  • I have MacOS 8. You can download the upgrade to 8.1 from apples page.
    I need someone to host a server wich i can upload to. Right now i have a weird ISP... No servers they say... Anyway, fix a server that i can upload to and you have MacOS 8!

  • LOL, the no sever rule is just there, they dont care.

    Uploading a file and ppl download a file off you are the same thing.

    I already got MacOS 8.1
  • Yes, but i need to map my network IP to my Internet IP... So when you type: it will go to my network IP... How will i do so?
  • mr. mac ask tophernet
  • Hmm...

    My ISP killed my internet connection for having a server... So untill i get a new ISP, i need a place to upload the file to. The file is a 30mb .SIT file. I don
  • Dude, I dont ever remember WHY I needed OS 8.6
  • Maybe you needed it to play around with it?
  • On What? Basilisk II only did a 68K which can only run OS 8.1 or lower
  • Oh. Well try to remember lol.
  • Ok. Well, some day you will remember.
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