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I just thought of something now. I think there should be a tutorials section on WinBoards. Unlike some of you, I don't take a computing course so I don't know as much about software and hardware as I'd like to.

I think it would be a good idea to have a tutorials section for more knowledgeable members to post their own article on howtos. This can be ranging from programming, hacking, security, building pc, setting up/configuring servers, applications, etc.

I know some sections relating to that exists but say if someone asks questions in those areas, the topic can be moved to the Tutorials section under FAQs.

Also there should be a sticky thread to link to useful tutorial threads and also another sticky thread for links to useful external website resources.


  • Sounds like a great idea to me!
  • Yes.... Winboards should have a tutorials section. This way all of us could learn something new.
  • Hmm... possible, I wonder what Duff and Fish'll say...


    PS. A copmuter course...that reminds me... (seperate post)
  • I say wait for PHPBB 2.1 / 2.2.. .:P
  • I think he means in the main site.

  • Ian wrote:
    I just thought of something now. I think there should be a tutorials section on WinBoards.

  • I think definately it should be on Winworld if it's a go. Along with WinOpinions and Windows Reference. I know I'd enjoy it and regular visitors to the main site could use it also. And a faq would be great on the main page and just get them from WinBoards.
  • FishNET650 wrote:
    I say wait for PHPBB 2.1 / 2.2.. .:P

    What's wrong with adding that section now Fish? It's not going to mess up this version of phpBB and also there is no known release date for phpBB 2.1.0. Also don't forget that 2.1.0 is not recommended since it's only a beta test, only when 2.2.0 gets released is it recomended and then there might be some fixes as well.

    How long will you wait? It could be months. When you upgrade or install a fresh copy of the next phpBB version you'll be migrating the database anyway.
    Q wrote:
    I think he means in the main site.


    Actually I never thought about having it on the main site, but that's certainly a good idea. After posting tutorials in WinBoards and getting user feedback and questions, the tutorial would be greatly improved then it could be put on WinWorld.
  • Uh, I've never took a computer course myself.
    Maybe a feasibility study. Who would volunteer to write the tutes.
    Right now probably only Q, Duff, and/or Fishnet.
    Perhaps the points moot. If no one will write them then we couldn't have any and it wouldn't be needed.
  • They could type up the notes they have from their computer class...

    Or say somebody is building or has built a computer, they can put pictures and show how it's done.

    Even something as simple as how to set up web servers, php, mysql, or even tweaks for the operating systems, how to use some software such as the gimp or even configurations for such applications etc. Any walkthrough can be considered a tutorial or guide for people interested in experimenting or wanting to know more about some aspect of computers.

    Also how would you know that only Duff, Q, or Fish are the only ones who are able or even willing to post tutorials? It would be open to anyone, even guests may be interested in contributing, that might even attract them into joining WinBoards. I think some people choose not to join because they don't deem a board to be worth getting an account.

    The more possibilities of user interaction and contribution the more people will be interested. Actually WinBoards is becoming bloated with the discussion sections now.
  • Or your process of reformatting and installing your OS and applications.
  • This is Ian dude is really smart.

    He's got a <b>great</b> idea here, it'd be a shame if its not used.

    I can take apart my laptop and take pics or scrap a computer and show the parts or whatever.
  • This is Ian dude is really smart.

    He's got a <b>great</b> idea here, it'd be a shame if its not used.

    I can take apart my laptop and take pics or scrap a computer and show the parts or whatever.

    this is a good idea, but i think fish doesnt want it (or thats what it seems like to me)
  • Ah well, nevermind then.
  • OK, here's three mini tutes:
  • Sounds like your HP computer was possessed. Out demon, out!!
  • Ian wrote:
    Ah well, nevermind then.

    No, not nevermind. If they won't do it, one of us can host it and we can make it the unofficial WinWorld (or WinBoards) Tutorials.
  • Ummmm Q said hes going to do it,....
  • there is a Tutorial section in my board:
    and i did not copy cause u guys didnt do it yet
  • Great if Q is going to do it. Don't put my mini tutes on it.
    It's just fodder. I this and I that but that's all I could do "cause
    I don't know what to really tell anyone to do and can only share what I've tried on some machine at some time.
    Mine doesn't belong on the main page.
    We could have done a little on our own but really needed someone knowlegable.

    [Edit by Q, inserted accedental Guest posting]
  • OK. This is really growing on me.

    How's this:

    We add another section and forum to the forum called "Tutorials"

    Users post a new thread with their tutorial and ppl reply. They refine the tutorial based on the feedback. After a certain # of ppl are willing to sign off on it's validity and trustworthyness, it get stickied for final review. After a week (or some other predetermined by Administs) length of time with no MAJOR flaws found (EG. Missing a step is major, misspelling a word isn't) it passes and the writer HTMLs it up and it's stuck on the WinWorld site.



  • Sounds good to me.
  • great idea, i start writing tuts as soon as i find the time :cool:

    All Topics for the Tuts accepted?
  • Seems like there isnt a tutorials forum yet. I'm sure it can be any topic relating to computing. And computing is such a wide topic to cover.
  • No there isn't, we're waiting for phpBB 2.2


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